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is it just me, or have you guys also thought about why some people seem to always find success in whatever they put their minds into, while others struggle so much ? could there be a few specific habits that a lot of successful people have in common ?

for this video i’ve made a list, trying to narrow it down to 10 habits that most of the dedicated, effective, and super motivated people i’ve met seem to have as common denominators. here goes !

did i miss anything ? and is there anything from this list that you think you could use to improve your habits ? let’s add them all to our routines, shall we ?

no matter what you think about when you hear success, no matter what you’re going after – big or small – it’s exciting and thrilling to think about, isn’t it ? so go get it, fireballs !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi– I hope you’re both OK– I check your site every day and enjoy the content, positive vibe, energy, and fun.

    Every time there’s a post you both talk about plans for what’s next and I look forward to that. But it’s days of nothing so I’m a little worried about you.

    Just a note of appreciation and best wishes that all is well-

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