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let’s get cosy and chill out – my 10 healthy evening habits that have changed both my nighttime and mornings. say goodbye to stress, anxiety, tense bodies, and uninspired minds. it’s time to get our shit together and make the most out of our evenings !

everything from simple stretching and getting inspired, to vegan skincare and falling asleep happy. i talk audio books, my favourite evening tea, the weird japanese exercise i love, cuddling with david, and a bunch of other super relaxing and healthy habits i normally do in the evening. let’s take a look !

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oh i can’t wait for the evening to begin now – i have so many cosy things i look forward to tonight. i’m listening to a great jo nesbo audio book, and i have a brand new scandi interior design magazine i bought in stockholm to get inspired by. plus my favourite brown rice bowl dinner and strawberries for dessert, what’s not to love ? hope you’re having a great one in front of you tonight too !

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny please can you tell us what brand the make up removing wipe is from please.

  2. Hey Jenny, i like very much your profile and i see you as a very special person on things you do and say. A question came up in my mind and actually i am curious to know about you. Do you like to listen to music, if yes, what type of music do you like?

  3. Hi Jenny. Love your videos. Was curious about the cloth you use to cleanse your face with. Can you provide a link on where we can purchase one? Much love :-)

  4. I don’t post, I just watch en enjoy your videos, tips and stories. <3
    Falling in love with the teacup your using in this video. What brand is it from?
    Many thanks!
    Go on like this, it's just fine.

  5. I really like your videos, but I’d like to be able to see a summery or bullet points as an overview of all the 10 things.

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