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this is a new youtube trend it seems like – sharing our top 10 healthy morning habits !
as you know by now, i love mornings so much. and getting it right with a good morning routine and some healthy habits is obviously the way to go.

some of my own favourites include getting enough sleep, waking up early without an alarm, working out in the morning, getting hydrated, feeling inspired, and treating yourself to yummy food and cosy cuddles. posture, calmness, enough time to get dressed and get ready slowly are also important to me to feel energised, excited, and beautiful enough to tackle the day !
what are your favourite morning habits ?

as the minimalist that i am, the day also always feel better with a simple and focused plan for the day. few things are as overwhelming as an unclear and overfilled schedule that you just know beforehand you won’t be able to keep. getting organised is the way to go !
i already have videos on how i plan my days and how i plan my weeks, and i’m thinking of adding one for planning a whole month too, what do you think ?

love // jenny

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  1. Gretshwoo

    Thanks for this! I like where you talk about always having something to which you look forward. Just wanted to weigh in on the video for planning the whole month – yes, please!

  2. I like how these things are gaining momentum on YouTube and elsewhere. I’ve been working with morning routines for myself and my clients for a while now, and I couldn’t agree with you more – they really set you up for a good day ahead.

    Things I do every morning: 5 minutes of a guided mindfulness meditation, then half an hour reading something positive in bed (usually something about personal development), then I shower and get ready and then have a yummy healthy smoothie and green tea for breakfast.

  3. My morning habits are to get plenty of sleep (8 hours usually) and eat porridge which gets me through to lunchtime without the need for biscuits!!

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