10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT WERE VEGAN – but you were wrong !

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there are a lot of things people assume are not vegan but then turns out are 100% animal free, but what about the other way around ? today i’m sharing some things that many of us easily take for being vegan, but looking into it – are they really ?

i talk about :

  • are chocolate beans just chocolate beans ( or bugs ) ?
  • candles and stearic acid !
  • how leather free shoes can still be non vegan !
  • the good ( bad ) ol’ cigarrette !
  • what about alcohol ? wine and beer ?
  • why you should read the label when shopping for dried fruit !
  • tattoos !
  • there’s something fishy about condiments like kimchi, miso and worchestersauce … !
  • all of our techie things with screens, batteries and displays !
  • basically everything in the food shop … has it really come to this !?!?

but hey, let’s also remember that you are doing so well already. here is a virtual high five to all of us who are doing the best we can even if probably nobody could manage to be the perfect vegan.
one day … *dreamy sigh*

love // jenny

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  1. Fantastic video as usual Jenny and David!

    * Loved the mention about The Hater’s non-vegan screen, that was gold!



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