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these are some of the most epic mistakes i made in my 20s !
apparently i’m not the only one who can look back upon my 20s and count my fails, but hey – it is just part of learning and growing up, right ? my dear youtube friend aileen over at lavendaire has teamed up with me today to give you guys our juiciest mistake stories from the past.

aileen is actually one of the few youtube friends that i have met in real life. a year ago we had the pleasure to have a coffee with this talented influencer while me and david visited LA. if you are into organising, planning, reaching your goals and those type of videos, you will love lavendaire. aileen’s videos are so uplifting and aesthetically pleasing, plus super welcoming and non-judgie ! go check her out !

okay, without any further ado, here is a selection of mistakes i made in my 20s :

what mistakes have you guys made in the past ?
don’t fret too much, the beauty of mistakes and failures are that we usually can learn from every single one of them. some i’m never gonna repeat, like the mouldy-mushrooms one – lesson learned !

love // jenny

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  1. It is a good thing to make mistakes. Mistakes help us grow and become stronger. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past as well, but looking back at those mistakes today, I am glad I made them because they have helped me in making better life decisions. Please check out my blog at


  2. Hey Jenny!

    Lots of love from Botswana! I saw these beautiful pair of scissors, tape holder and stapler on your desk. Seem to be wood! I hope it’s not a bother but I’d appreciate it if you shared where you got them from!

    Thanks! And greetings to David

    xx L

  3. First video of yours that I don’t like!!! You seem in a hurry talking so fast that I got stressed! Like Woddy Allen!! Sorry I don’t want to be mean it is just how I felt!..

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