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sorry for not uploading a video on thursday guys !
since we’re in portland now and away from our imac, editing videos is a bit difficult.

anyways here’s a video that you have asked me to do for ages – a fashion video ! this is actually a 3in1 video, with 3 lookbook vids from when me and david used to run our clothing line MIND THE MUSTARD – those of you who’ve been following us for a while might remember this ^^

these videos have some flashing images, if anyone’s sensitive.

watching these videos makes me think of a column i wrote called sheep in wolf’s clothing – about being judged by the way you look.

thanks to our friend KOSMO KAT for the brilliant music in the first two videos, and cheers YUS for lending us that gorgeous song in the last video !

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thanks for checking in today kids. hope you’ll have a beautiful day !

love // jenny

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