3 THINGS : i love about berlin so far

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today we’ve been in berlin for exactly one week. feels like at least 3.
so much is happening here, and we’re having a blast. berlin is amazing !

so why not give you guys a week 1 update, listing a few of the things i’ve already come to love about berlin.


the products
whether your shopping for organic veggies, vegan beauty products, a nice bottle of wine, a unique outift, artsy small-copy magazines, or cheap electronics – berlin is the place to be !

a big bunch of organic dino kale for 30 cents. it would cost at least ten times as much in stockholm.
oh, and the locally grown organic carrots i’ve been eating here are literally the tastiest carrots i’ve ever eaten. it’s really no comparison between a good and a not-so-good carrot you now ?
and just look at that bright red bunch of chard below ! pure art.

vegan beauty / skin / hair products are also both great and fairly cheap.
actually santaverde, the german skin care brand you see in the pics, gave me some of their products to try for free, so it doesn’t get much cheaper than that ( one of the perks of being a lifestyle blogger ^^).
they are really kind to my skin actually. i can be quite sensitive when trying new products, and my face will usually get irritated every time i go for something new. but for some reason, the santaverde products have been great.

the smell reminds me of swedish christmas saffron buns actually, so i’m getting into the christmas spirit every morning and evening when i apply this stuff !

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the speed
now, i’m not talking about the slow and calm atmosphere here in berlin ( which is quite great too ), i mean the speed in which me and david can move. a lot of things are happening in berlin, and you can just go from christmas market to bloggers’ events to inspiring meetings to new and hip restaurants. startups start and stop. hipster bars open and close.
maybe it only seems like this because we’re new in the city, but we really feel like we’re able to move quickly here without getting bored. compared to stockholm where we quite fast started to feel like the city was holding us back, you know ?


the openness
again, this might be because we’re new to the city, and immigrants at that – but i don’t even know how many times people have told us this past week that berlin is the perfect place for us. with our kinds of interests, for our work, for eating and living at low costs but with high quality.

everyone’s positive and open to what we want to do, and working together with people in berlin seems easy and fun.

not to mention how great it is to be vegan here ! compared to both stockholm and london ( the two bigger cities i’ve lived in as a vegan ), berlin is lightyears ahead. there are of course tons of vegan restaurants, but more surprising is how vegan-friendly other restaurants are. almost all places have vegan alternatives on the menu, and cafés seem to offer vegan treats by default. for the first time since going vegan, i don’t feel like an outsider when i go into a random restaurant. everyone either is vegan themselves, or have vegan friends. it really has become mainstream here. how utterly brilliant !


there are of course a lot of other great things to say about berlin, and some not-so-great too ( the graffiti, oh my gosh it’s everywhere ) ! but that will have to wait till another post.

today we’ve had another full day. one of the things we’ve done today that we’ve been super excited about is going to the berlin youtube space. it was really cool, will have to tell you more about it later !

have you ever been to berlin ?
what was your first impression ?

love // jenny

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  1. Glad you and David are enjoying Berlin life.

    Visited a couple of years ago with a few friends and we unanimously loved the asian vegan food, kruezburg, and the east side gallery: their delicious coffee too! They had a few events that we went to there as well.
    I have to say that friendly people were numerous. Such a joy to see a growing cultural diversity which made it feel like home.
    I would def visit there again; even live there if it were possible. Oh, and we walked a lot like you do.
    Haha, cheap organic produce always puts a smile on my face!


  2. My brother lives in Berlin and I live close to Hamburg so I visit him for the weekend quite regularly. Berlin is awesome and the one word that describes Berlin for me is diversity. Cultures, languages, food, style etc etc the list goes on :) Enjoy your time there!

  3. I have just returned from Berlin with some family (i’m 18 and from Melbourne) and oh my giddy goodness, I LOVED IT! I am very much considering moving there or at least stay there for a little while and perhaps study. All the vegan places were idillic, you’ll have to try Kiez Vegan Jenny! It’s a turkish lunch spot and you can have gozleme and the most amazing salads. Promise you’ll like it :)
    Every aspect of Berlin I loved – I think I could have just rode the train network all day. haha

    • oh cool i will have to try that place, sounds amazing :D
      so happy you liked the city too <3

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