3 THINGS : movies to get you in the christmas spirit

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hello folks, david here. i’m taking over for today.

today has been a long day of cooking christmas food, and jenny’s sitting next to me with a cup of tea, exhausted!
the pictures are of cranberry chutney and christmas pickled onions. we also made a beetroot salad, burmese tofu, saffron buns, christmas ‘ham’, mini snickers and pickled mustard aubergine. plus we’re having swedish cheatballs, brussel sprouts, potato gratin and a bunch of other stuff. yum.

if any of you are still looking for that christmas feeling, we’ve got 3 suggestions on what to watch to get in the mood.


home alone 1+2 (1990, 1992)
this is not just the best christmas movie ever made, it’s also one of our favourite movies period. and the sequel definitely holds up to the standard of the original. they’re written by john hughes, who’s also behind some great movies that defined the 80’s such as the breakfast club, ferris bueller’s day off, weird science, sixteen candles, and vacation.
these are also the movies that made us fall in love with macaulay culkin, forever and ever.


happy christmas (2014)
an indie mumblecore movie (low budget, often improvised genre) called happy christmas is number two on our xmas movie list. don’t let the name fool you though. this isn’t exactly the uplifting cliche you might be expecting, but a gem nonetheless. don’t worry, it’s not THAT depressing, it’s just not light, fluffy and sparkling.


bridget jones’s diary (2001)
we recently re-watched it after not having seen it since 2001 probably. and we were both pleasantly surprised. it’s such a well thought out and put together film. and it obviously has some quirks that were cool and sexy on film back then, but just doesn’t work now, like the constant smoking and edgy (back then) jokes that were anything but PC. and we would argue that it kinda started a new feminist wave in movies that has evolved a lot until this day, even though hollywood is still extremely sexist of course.

bonus flicks:
the muppet christmas carol (i love all muppet movies, but this is the only one that jenny enjoys)
svart lucia (weird as fuck swedish 90’s thriller with some amazing outfits)
the nightmare before christmas (jenny keeps arguing that this is a halloween movie)


we’re also looking forward to watching this year’s christmas movie the night before, even though it looks terrible.

so guys, that’s it from david (with jenny looking over my shoulder), please let us now what your xmas favourites are and what you thought of our picks.

we’re taking christmas eve off from the internet btw, so we’ll see you on christmas day kiddos.

love // david & jenny

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  1. I love the nightmare before Christmas and the Muppet Christmas carol! I also enjoy The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen.

  2. I am going to watch the original Little Women with June Alison and Elizabeth Taylor in memory of my Mum who passed away in February this year it is our first Xmas without her ***

  3. Thank you, David, for your suggestions. And thank you both again, for all those yummy recipe ideas.
    Burmese tofu??I’m very curious. Bet it looks and tastes great!
    You have so many unique recipe ideas.
    I’m also curious about your tofu omelette.
    I just know it’ll be uniquely original coming from you guy!
    I would like to try some foreign christmas movies. Loved “home alone” and “Bridget Jones movies” but it’s like a tradition here in the US to favor “It’s a wonderful life” and “Miracle on 34th street. I still want to see those two classics during the holidays.

  4. You missed Love Actually ;) my hubby’s favorite and pretty high up on my favourite Christmas movie list. I’m with you on the Muppet Christmas Carol. One of the best! One more sleep till Christmas!

  5. Love Actually, The Santa Clause, Muppets Home for the Holidays, has Fraggle, and Sesame Street as well, Emmet Otter, Charlie Brown Christmas.

  6. Forgot to mention an old favorite “Adventures in babysitting.”
    I still crack up when they have to sing
    the blues to get out of this joint.

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