3 THINGS : taking back your health

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this video pretty much speaks for itself – 3 ways of getting your health back on track that has really worked for me.
it’s basically all about helping yourself out by creating good habits. hope it can be inspiration for those of you who who want to make taking care of yourself a priority.


let me know if you have any questions or if you want to share your own ways of taking care of your health ^^

love // jenny


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  2. Alltså åh!
    Stort tack för all inspiration och pepp jag fick nu. Kommer helt klart köpa din fina bok!

    • men ah vad glad jag blir ! tack som attan ina, nu blev jag peppad tillbaka hahah ! massa karlek <3

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  4. Hey Jenny
    Thanks for a great video. You make it sound so easy! I am definitely going to start applying those tips; thanks for sharing what has worked for you in such an approachable way.
    Best wishes,

  5. Hey Jenny, just came across your blog this afternoon while reading about minimalism. Absolutely loved your video. Look forward to looking back over past videos and posts.

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