3 THINGS : that will lift your mood today

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it’s the weekend, and no time to be moping.

not feeling it ?
don’t worry – i got your back, with 3 things that will lift your spirits and get your saturday mojo back !

the strawberry season is upon us again. in most places anyways. go get some – and buy a little bottle of champagne while you’re at it ( alcohol-free or not ). instant weekend luxury feels.
don’t forget to instagram it !

if you’re only going to read one book this summer, make it ‘la chamade’ by francoise sagan. she’s one of my favourite authors of all time – her way with words gives me the chills. in a good way. i’m only about halfway through this novel, and it was love at first chapter. go get it and we can read it together.

not into books ?
check out our top list of amazing tv shows from last weekend.


the song ‘grapefruit’ by yuno.

having strawberries and champagne in bed, while reading ‘la chamade’ and listening to ‘yuno’. that’s definitely all i’d need for a romantic saturday afternoon. that and david of course.

and since we’re finishing off this saturday with a rooftop concert event thing this evening too, things are definitely looking not-too-shabby ^.^

hope your spirits are good and lifted, and that this weekend will be one to remember.

love // jenny

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  1. TheresaNJ

    Thanks, Jenny. I’ll check the book out. I usually read a book a week, but if I could, I’d voraciously devour a lot more as reading is at the top of my list of greatest pleasures.
    I also adore audiobooks; highly recommended to give our eye flexibility a rest!
    Enjoy the rooftop concert:)

  2. Those are great suggestions :-) My go-to is dancing – I put on one of my favourite songs and boogie around the room. I’m incapable of feeling down after that!

  3. Don’t you think about making a list of your favourite books? I would be interested (and the others definitely too) :)

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