3 THINGS : that will make this an epic lazy weekend

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if you read my post yesterday, you already know that we’re having a slow week. the weather is kind of grey and i’m super duper tired. i just want to chill out and be lazy, eating lots, and watch other people on screen instead of being on it myself.

so i’m listing the the things i’ll be doing to make sure this weekend will be anything but productive. that it will be a break from all things creative and energy-requiring. hey, i should do this more often.

1. the michalaks
do you know about these guys ? they take vlogging to a whole other level – seriously, they’re the most impressive and inspiring youtubers around. thanks a billion to you reader (can’t remember your name sorry) who recommended them to us.
they post a video every sunday and each episode is about 30 mins long. a great place to start your weekend chill time.
go on over to their channel and give them some love, they deserve it ^.^


2. broadchurch
since we’re done with the night manager, we thought we’d try another british crime drama also starring olivia colman (we freaking love her). we’re only seen like 3 episodes so far, but we love it. so gorgeously shot, with strong characters, and interesting dynamics. really great stuff. i can feel a marathon coming up this weekend !
and oooh, did i mention there’s a 2nd series as well ? we might not get much else done the next couple of days.

3. the girl in the spider’s web
do you know the millennium novels ? you know, the girl with the dragon tattoo etc ?
so stieg larsson, the author of the trilogy, sadly passed away a few years back, but another author (david lagercrantz) took the reins, and has written the fourth book in the series. i just started reading it the other day and i’m already hooked. i adore hackers, both in movies and books, and this story is jam-packed with them.


i think my weekend will be spent alternating tv-watching, youtubing, and reading. and of course, eating way too much cold rice with cucumber while at it. and some puffed rice chocolate treats too for sure.

love // jenny

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