3 THINGS : to do for the one you love every day

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let’s talk about love.
any kind of love !

there are few things more worthwhile than taking care of the people and relationships that make you happy, in my opinion. now there are a million ways we can show our appreciation of course.

these are three of the ones i think are most important. three ways to show love, three things that are making me and david the happiest couple, going strong after more than 10 years together.
i hope they make sense to anyone but myself !

long-term relationships can be a lot of work, you know. but it comes in waves. when you’re over a hump, you’ve got some smooth sailing and good loving to enjoy – so showing your loved one how special they are is always a good idea if you ask me.

now i’m gonna go give david the most epic kiss. talk to you later.

love // jenny

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  1. “seeing them succeed and grow as a person”
    How absolutely true! Best kinds of relationships are those that allow you to grow together. Support is a sign of true love, and being in a relationship that is ignited by passion, hard work, and will to evolve is the best kind of relationship.

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