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after a lovely december spent here in berlin, it’s time to go back to sweden tomorrow for the holidays. no worries though since we’ve already booked our trip back in the beginning of january !

we’ve been here about 2.5 weeks now, and we’ve of course gotten a first impression of the city and its people. i did a 1 week first impression post too, talking about 3 things i love about berlin that you can read here.

every city has this – the few quirks and weirdnesses that tourists and visitors will notice and wonder over. the unique phenomenon that will make the city rememberable. you might not agree if you’ve ever been to berlin, but here are the 3 quirks i find strange and funny about berliners !


they like to hide things
whether it’s a coffee shop in an hidden alleyway, an apartment you have to find through a labyrinth of doors and courtyards, or websites that unfolds like an art project – berliners seem to have a thing for mysteries and hidden treasures. it’s not very user friendly or accessible, but it does definitely have charm. something you as a visitor will raise an eyebrow in wonder and smile at in surprise for sure.

jennymustardbridgesofberlin3 copy

they like to tag
and i’m not talking hashtagging on instagram or whatever – i’m talking old school graffiti tagging. everything in berlin is covered with scribbles. not just walls and fences. i mean everything from playgrounds to letter boxes, doorways to entire restaurants. this is for me probably my least favourite thing about berlin, minimalist as i am. i don’t like it at all, it messes up an otherwise beautiful city.


they have strange drinking habits
every city has its staple drink. the one thing you’ll see people drink while walking down the street. in stockholm people drink water when out and about. in london it’s hot tea. new york of course with their oversized cups of frappulatte mocchapumpkincream watery coffees. never been to tokyo but seems like matcha soft serve ice cream is the way to go. wheat grass smoothies in LA. shaved ice in taipei ? you get what i mean.

so what about berlin ?
well, here’s a weird one. the number one most common thing we’ve seen people drinking as they walk down the street or chilling on the metro is … beer. so many people stroll about with a bottle of beer in their hand, no matter what time of day it is. i don’t think i’ve ever seen as many people beer drinking on the street as i’ve done on this trip. what’s the deal with that huh ? ^^


these are the 3 strangest little fun or weird habits of berlin that we’ve noticed. but besides for the strange and quirky, some other things we’ve noticed about berliners is that the most part of them are incredibly open, friendly, helpful, and creative. i hope that i one day will be berliner enough to walk down the street with a beer in my hand, some spray paint in my back pocket, popping into my favourite hidden away alleyway café. ok maybe not exactly that much of a berliner. more the friendly, open, creative kind ^^

have you ever been to berlin ? what are the quirks that you noticed and remembers about the city ?

these photos btw are taken the other day on a bridge in lichtenberg with the most gorgeous view. it was sunny and foggy at the same time, creating a magical light that we tried to capture.
wearing sweater from ADPT.*


so tomorrow we’ll be on our way back to sweden again. thank you for these weeks berlin – can’t wait to see you again in january !

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, you missed that Berliners love to drink Club Mate as well ;)
    Welcome to Berlin!

    • Thats exactly what I was going to write, I feel Club Mate is THE staple drink in Berlin for sure :)

    • haha, wanted to say that too! i’m living in berlin and me and my friend (also called david) also drink (too) much mate! not club mate but from another brand ;)

  2. As a New Yorker (Brooklynite, to be more specific!) I almost take offense to your description of our coffee drinkers! Haha, just kidding! In Brooklyn I’d say we only drink pretentious, single origin, pour over coffee! Not that that’s any better a description, it just made me laugh a little :)

    • hahah sure there are of course that type of new yorkers too ! it’s all good :P

  3. This is such an awesome post! Such a great idea to document the little quirks of every city you’ve been to. I find this incredibly interesting. I wonder what foreigners notice when they come to Singapore…?


  4. Yeah :D as a German, I agree…especially for no. 3! Germans like beer, no matter what time of the day…

  5. beer drinking isnt unusual in any european city i’d say XD
    a can of beer can be as cheap as 40 cents that may be one of the reasons
    but i heard that in sweden, alcohol is expensive a f

  6. Jenny,
    u might like to visit Kaliningrad (Konegsberg) now Russia from 1945. Kaliningrad region is used to be a German territory, Prussia.
    interesting if u ask Berliners about Konegsberg ( it has memorial of philosopher Immanuel Kant ) and HIDDEN Amber room ( just saying that your observation about Berliners, who seem to hide things is correct i guess) haha
    and Kaliningrad has its own charm for sure….Hope you will visit one day.
    p.s. it is my home city too…but i live in New York :)

  7. Ha, so funny, your mention of New Yorkers and their coffee ways.

    Just having glassy eyes makes a good amount of people uneasy in parts of the US; I fear what walking around drinking bear would do!!!!

    Oh, hidden places are so much fun. Love it!

  8. I was in Germany once (not counting passing through) and constant beer drinking is what I’ve noticed as well. It’s connected with their law. In Poland you can’t drink on the street, in Germany it’s not forbidden. I think that’s the deal :)
    I love your outfit, it’s definitely extraordinary! The way you wrapped the scarf around your head is very interesting,

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