3 THINGS : you should eat everyday

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ages ago i wrote a post about 3 things i eat almost every day. it was a fun post to write, and you guys really seemed to appreciate it too.

so here’s the 2nd edition !
3 types of food that i love for their taste, versatility, price, and nutrients – and that i eat more of less every day.

i really feel like cabbage needs a better pr manager dude. when you hear cabbage, you think some brown, tasteless soup from a gulag somewhere. so undeserved !

just think about it – savoy, kale, purple, napa, bak choi, brussels sprouts, white, pak choi, broccoli, collards, cauliflower. the list goes on an on, and there’s no end to the yum factor possibilities.

we can steam, sauté, grill, boil, shred, fry it – even make it into wraps and rolls. and my personal favourite : fermenting it into sauerkraut and kimchi oh yum.

it will help us prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, boost our immune system, and even reduce cholesterol. it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
got stomach problems ? cabbage can heal that shit.

so stop bad-mouthing cabbage, it’s the king of veggies. well, all veggies are sort of royalty aren’t they, but cabbage has got a special place in my heart. plus, it’s dirt cheap and always in season. beat that.


of course all them legumes have to be on this list. they’re staples in most vegans diets, and should be in omnivores’ diets too.
legumes is a collective term used for all lentils, beans, and peas. so everything from green beans to tofu, from soy milk to lentil soup, from hummus to bean burgers will fit in this category. no to mention those weird ass chickpea water vegan meringues – what’s up with those ?

the ways i usually eat legumes is in the shape of tofu and soy milk, as well as the whole beans/peas/lentils that you buy dried and cook yourself. i normally don’t soak, i just cook them until done. that can take anywhere from 15 minutes (red lentils) to 3 hours (fava beans). cooking a lot at once and keeping them in the fridge is always a good idea, just popping them out for salads, stews, soups or with rice for the next few days.

legumes are a great source of energy, high in both carbs and protein. besides that they’re of course packing minerals, vitamins, and a bucketload of fiber. they can help reduce your cholesterol, and lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

again – so hella cheap too.


what would eating be without onion ? i don’t even want to think about it to be honest.
and there are so many of them too – red, leek, spring, garlic, silver, shallots, chives… making food taste better everywhere.

just like my other favourites on this list, onions can be found all over the world at any given time. and just like the other favourites, they’re serious about their nutrients. besides from all the usual stuff, onions have been shown to increase bone density in humans if eaten daily. neat huh ?

i like eating them raw as a topping. most meals we have some onion slices on top actually, even if we’re also having them cooked in the dish too. they’re just so crunchy and flavourful when raw, delicious ! i do know some people say that they get bloated when having raw onions, but i haven’t noticed anything. maybe it’s a habit kind of thing, getting used to eating it raw ?
either way, i’m loving it.

what do you eat everyday ? any favourites ?

love // jenny

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