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oooo yay – it’s the christmas treats episode ! all vegan, all relatively healthy, and all yummy as hell.
because let’s face it, how happy would the holidays really be without the food ? i know one youtuber who’s going to stuff her face come december 24th.

the dip in the pot is my favourite ( weird swedish dish ) but i’m also so looking forward to david’s chocolate fudge, the mandarins, the fig chutney, the crisp bread. the vegan cheese, prince sausages and meat balls. the vegan christmas ham. the kale salad and the roasted brussels sprout. the jansson’s delight, and the pickled aubergine in vegan caviar sauce. i mean the list goes on and on, i could just keep on typing. so let’s stop before i drool all over myself, i’m wearing a white shirt after all.

xmas food is of course normally incredibly rich and not so high in nutrients, so i’ve found a way to balance it out with lots of fresh fruit and veg to keep my body from going under. balance is a good word this time of year, don’t you think ?

the recipes mentioned :
rice porrige
crisp bread
chai spice
saffron buns

now go eat something wintery !

love // jenny

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  1. Where did you get those beautiful white bowls with the blue rim? I have been scouring the internet, and can’t find anything exactly like them, but I’m completely in love!

  2. Oh those saffron thingies look delicious! In Holland we eat oliebollen this time of year, although they are about the newyear we eat them all through december. Not so healthy though hahaha. Mindful greetings, Simple Happy Zen

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