5 THINGS I EAT EVERYDAY ( and so should you ! )

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it’s about time i did another health foodie video, don’t you think !? so today, let’s go through my kitchen staples – 5 of the things i eat just about every day. 5 of the things that my healthy diet rely on, and not to mention make my taste buds go gaga.

whenever i do a what i eat in a day video or a food journal or meal plan post, most of these things will be on the menu for sure. healthy, delicious, easy to make, and filled with nutrients just waiting to up your health game. and it’s all in there – grains like brown rice, veggies like dark greens, something chewy like mushrooms, filling up on those legumes, and not to mention my favourite sweet thing in the world ( except for david of course ) : berries !

let’s watch !

we all deserve a diet that makes us happy. it can definitely be hard to find one of those, in this world filled with weird fad diets and too many fast food ads ( who knows, they might even play one before this video ). finding my own happy diet has meant so much to me. i’ve gone from being unhappy with my health, weight, looks, and overall feel, to enjoying delicious food and all the while feeling great on the inside too. i’m telling you – it’s possible ! hang in there !

love // jenny

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