5 THINGS YOU DON’T NEED | minimalism video

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i know you guys love the minimalism videos – and like always, i aim to please.
5 things that i feel like i really don’t need in my life. things that just weigh me down, complicate things, makes my space cluttered and overwhelming. stuff that are unnecessary, expensive, or just downright ugly.

talking about what we don’t need or want in our lives, removing them and creating a clutter-free, clean and organised space, will leave more room for the things that we truly do need and enjoy. simplifying is imo not meant as a way of pushing yourself in any way. it’s instead meant to make us appreciate and take pleasure in our surroundings and lifestyle.

there’s a reason we feel so good after we declutter and organise our homes and spaces. it’s freeing and calming to have everything in its right place. for me, the amount of things matters less than the organisation and neatness of them. i love giving each of my things a home and knowing that everything is in it’s intended place. it’s such a satisfying feeling, don’t you think ?

love // jenny

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  1. Madeline fangmann

    I do agree with on this topic because we think that we need all new stuff in stores . But we also have the knowledge that we will be fine without that new stuff

  2. I’m a bit of a minimalist already, and I love clear spaces, but I still have some clutter I call “love dust” – small silly things dear friends gave me, for example, and that I keep for their sentimental value! I also have books, and my bookshelves are stuffed full, but I’m okay with that :-)

  3. These pic are just wow. I need them in my life! ^^ They are really cute! You will like to see more fashion from here.

  4. Hej :) I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist but I’m looking to reduce what I don’t like/use so I can increase things I do need/use/like. I’ve made an initial list of things to sell, and I’ve cleared out a lot of broken and non-used clothes over the last year. There’s much more to go but I’ll get there. Sibylle Leon is the one who shared your link, and she’s a dear friend, so I checked it out :) and I found another Swede!

  5. I realized that the less unnecessary thing I own the better I fell. I like to have my belongings simple and organised, so I totally understand you! I would not call myself a minimalist but I feel that this lifestyle and philosophy is very close to my heart. And about that declutters – oh man, it is like a fresh air :D

  6. I definitely all for the clean spaces and less things that clog our lives. Unfortunately, I have witnessed one situation which happens to me once in a while. I get rid of something because I didn’t use it for a while and as if out of spite after few months I find myself in a situation that I need that thing back. That’s why when I’m about to throw something away I hesitate and sometimes I end up keeping it anyway.

  7. Dear Jenny,
    i would love to know where this beautiful grey sweater that you wear on the pictures is from? It looks gorgeous.
    With love celina

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