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here we go – 7 things that david and i eat every day. foods that we think are invaluable parts of a healthy diet, and that makes us feel energised, full and happy, without making us heavy or tired. all vegan, all whole foods, all plant based. of course !

it can sound really boring being on a healthy diet. eating food that is good for your body must be boring in taste, right ?
wrong !
we are both major food lovers, and we can honestly say that we have never eaten more delicious food than we do as healthy vegans. go figure ^.^

do you have some type of food that you eat every single day ? we’d love to hear about it !

love // jenny & david

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  1. Thanks for another amazing video. You two are such an inspiration. Time for some oats with berries ❤️✌️

  2. Hey Jenny, I find that most of my blog reading time tends to be in quiet spaces or when I can’t watch a video (train, work break, class, etc) where you can’t even use headphones all the time. Is there any way that your blog posts could be a tiny more of a synopsis of the video for those who can’t watch it? Like I want to read what you eat every day but not watch it. Hope that makes sense. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait until I get home to watch the video. :)

  3. Laura Parker

    Thank you so much, David and Jenny. I am back in the United States after having lived in Berlin and Istanbul for the past 8 years. Your videos have given me so much peace while I adjust to being back home. I love the aesthetics, but I also love your approach to life and productivity. It´s a gentle and more profound kind of “busyness.” I am starting my own business here with my husband (yay couple businesses!), and Jenny, your To-Do list has just been such a game-changer for me! I tried so many different apps, but the visual and organizational appeal of the horizontal To-Do list has actually made me more productive and less anxious when I approach work. Thank you again. I hope you have a wonderful trip to the US! I´ll be down in Charleston, South Carolina. It´s a beautiful place!

  4. Love you guys! I would like to see more on how to stay healthy. Excercise and diet. Otherwise keep up the great work. Love checking in with you two!

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