A CORNER OF MY KITCHEN | apartment update

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you know, i’m really getting into the apartment now. as of last week, we kind of got everything ready ( more or less ) and i’m just enjoying being at home, walking around and feeling like… home ? kind of, yeah – who would have thought ?

it’s still hits me all the time that this is actually our flat, and it feels surreal after so many years of living temporarily in someone else’s. it’s cool, calming, and a little scary to finally have your own place, all ready and decorated after your own taste and preference.

one of the final things we’ve added to place to really upgrade the kitchen is the flytta kitchen trolley that we got gifted from ikea. i love the industrial feel of it, yet that it looks so clean and simple. testing out recipes and cooking large batches is so much easier when you have a good sized working area, and that was something that this kitchen was really lacking before. working in our kitchen now is quite enjoyable, and i can feel my food inspiration is definitely coming back more and more when i now finally have a kitchen that you can properly cook in !

it’s beautiful to have some open storage in a kitchen too in my opinion. in the trolley we keep large bowls, cutting boards, water jugs and other large items. and since we’re careful of not overfilling our open storage spaces, it doesn’t take away from the clean and calm feel of the room. looks neat right ?

love // jenny

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  1. I hope this means we will be seeing food/cooking vids again… I miss those. You have such a unique approach to healthy eating.

  2. Oh, you have this extremely beautiful lemon squeezer. How is it doing the job?
    I admire the simplicity as always <3

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