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as the watch fanatic i am, you can probably guess how excited i am to be partnering up with swatch for this post !

the campaign i’m joining is called #YOURMOVE and is all about new swatch SKIN – the thinnest swatch model yet !
i of course had to choose the SKIN SKIN, only 5.70mm thick, with a silicone wristband in a gorgeous nude colour.

swatch asked me to share my movements during my daily routine, so i thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you all about our new ( epically nice ) friday routine. here goes, a day in the life of a fashion blogger !

so ok, this isn’t a normal day. we’ve decided to make fridays our best days, focusing more on getting inspired and see where our camera takes us, rather than replying to emails and editing videos until our fingers bleed. but fridays are special, we deserve to treat ourselves to a few special friday moments. this is what we got up to last friday ( which just happened to be the first time we tried this new friday-inspo routine ) :

7:00 – waking up, drinking a glass of water and munching on a banana while dressing in gym clothes.

7:30 – off to the gym. it’s friday, so that means 30 min cardio followed by a 30-40 min chest and back workout. i’m getting buffer by the week !

9:00 – back home, eating breakfast on the balcony. oat milk with berries, fruits and all trimmings as usual. a quick cleaning of the flat followed by a not-so-quick shower.

10:30 – as usual on friday mornings, we record the podcast episode for the week. this one was all about our current obsessions. i just love doing the podcast, it’s relaxing and fun and instantly gets me in the friday mood !

11:30 – makeup, outfit, packing of bags.

12:00 – light lunch of soy yogurt with fruits and nuts, plus some fresh veggies and rice cakes.

12:30 – we’re off ! about a 30 min walk later and we reach one of my favourite spots for taking photos in berlin – the crazy cool futuristic government buildings by the river. the staircase you see in these photos are at this spot. we had a lovely photo shoot, completely stress free, the light working ( surprisingly enough ) although it was bright sunlight in the middle of the day. thank the gods for reflexive glass windows !
i really like the colour scheme in these photos. nudes, greys, and whites, you can never go wrong in muted shades, it just looks so luxurious in my opinion. and how about that new swatch SKIN ? i think it’s works just perfectly within my style – simple and minimal, yet unique and fun.

13:45 – jumping into a taxi to go to charlottenburg for a meeting at one of our fav PR agencies here in berlin.

14:00 – hanging with the lovely people at the agency, picking out a bunch of pieces to use in future stylings. drinking sparkling water while admiring their hella cool wall of sunglasses.

15:00 – time for a our new friday habit : an inspo meeting. we went to the barn’s branch in charlottenburg, atop a completely round shopping mall with outdoor seeting in all directions. i had an iced coffee infused with nitrogen (!?) and since they didn’t have any vegan milk (!?!?) david went with the lemonade. we had the loveliest meeting, doing this creative thought matrix exercise to give us new ideas and help up figure out what we’re good at creatively. more about that another time !

16:30 – high time to get on the u-bahn ( something we do so rarely that it’s kind of romantic and cosy ), stop by at the apartment for a quick change of clothes, a touching up of makeup, and some snacks. ok, a lot of snacks – we were hungry !

18:00 – meeting up with olja and maurizio  ( or oljrizio as we naturally call them ) close to our home. after about a super lovely 45 min walk, we get to a small event and have a couple of drinks. there’s a ping-pong table, rainbow flags, soap bubbles, and a server telling us that fish is vegan. we have the veggie antipasto and bulgur salad instead. it’s all good fun.

21:00 – another 45 min back towards our area, but it’s a beautiful night so we’re all agreeing to use our legs instead of a taxi. dinner at a cute little sushi place close to us, with the sweetest waitresses/waiters in berlin. my favourite is the shiitake sushi. everyone else goes for the avocado ones like the vegan cliches that they are !

23.00 – back home, tea and fruits and crackers. we manage to finish an episode of acquitted before crashing in bed, a little bit drunk, a little bit full, and a lot bit happy with how our new friday routine has panned out.

can’t wait to do it all over again next friday !

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by swatch. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. You seem to be so happy and cool, yet hard workig and killin the game! I wish to be like you some day
    Also, I love your youtube chanel and your style, It’s simply amazing❤❤❤

  2. Tahani Noir Shafer

    You’re a gorgeous model and I adore your photography skills! Or Davids ;) Whoevers behind the cam

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