A VERY MUSTARD XMAS #23 | how to set a minimalist scandi christmas table

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welcome to A VERY MUSTARD CHRISTMAS – an advent calendar in the shape of early morning videos, with one new episode every single morning up until christmas !

that’s right, we’ve taken on the almost epic challenge of creating one video for each of the first 24 days of december. we must be crazy. our mission – to serve you up a cup of the most christmasy sweet and cozy videos we could think of, with everything from christmas movies, holiday book tips, yummy vegan christmas food and sweet treats, and tips on how to survive consumerist mayhem as a minimalist.

only two more videos to go ! and this episode is one of my favourites. such a simple little thing – setting a dinner table. yet so powerful in creating atmosphere for your guests, your date, or for just you yourself. today i’m showing you the style in which i like my christmas dinner table to be set.
you guessed it – scandinavian chic, in a minimalist way, with neutral colours.

it’s all here. all 24 little christmas spirit bringing videos to make you feel good and start the day with all them jinglebell-feelings. we hope that you’ll love watching them as much as we’ve loved making them.

in this styling :
tablecloth, table runner, water glasses from ikea
nuance steel jug* and wine cooler*
salt & pepper grinder* and cutlery* from connox
DIY salt and pepper shakers, and cutlery decoration
kähler plates* and bowls*
holmegaard wine glasses*

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love // jenny

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  1. That’s a beautiful table, Jenny!
    I’m afraid I don’t have one, since I live on my own. At the eve of the solstice, I drove around and brought homemade (raw, vegan) treats and hugs to some friends of mine, then I celebrated my ritual at night and went to a high hilly plain to greet the rising sun in the morning.
    My decorations are mostly around my solstice tree. They are fairly minimalist: I only use silver balls and straw stars, and simple white fairy lights :-)

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