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welcome back to my berlin apartment !
we’ve already been in this flat more than 4 months and it’s still not decorated and furnished fully. but we just got a few of the missing pieces delivered yesterday, so get ready for a full on apartment tour video within a couple of weeks !

for now, i thought i’d show you a part of our living room. this is the wall right opposite the windows, and therefore the darkest corner of the room. an excellent way to balance the light in a room is to place a reflective surface on the darkest wall. mirrors work wonders in a room in my opinion !

and not only because of it’s natural lighting qualities, but also because they act as clutter-free artwork ^.^
some of my favourite spots in our home are the various mirrors we’ve got placed everywhere. i love how image within the frame changes with the daylight and how the room is decorated.

these two huge white-framed beauties are called view and they’re from by lassen – one of the most helpful brands in getting our home office work ready and photogenic. i love how think the frame is, giving them a truly simple, yet luxurious look.

we haven’t hanged them yet, and maybe we won’t. personally i really like artwork, frames, and mirrors that are just leaned against a wall. it gives the apartment a sort of romantic temporary feel – like its inhabitants have just moved in and still have a box our two unpacked somewhere ( we still have one as a matter of fact ). david however wants them hanging on the wall, for the exact same reason. he doesn’t want to feel like this is a temporary home that we’ve just moved into. and i get what he’s saying. we should try to settle down.

at least for a little while.

it feels so weird being almost done filling this place up. it’s been so long since we had something like a well functioning home, suitable for our particular needs.
and isn’t that what a home should be – your personal take on what make life comfortable, practical, and not to mention beautiful.

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, where is the beautiful wooden cabinet from? I love it <3

  2. I love the cabinet and the mirrors. I like the propped mirror or artwork look too, but hanging things is good. They most likely won’t fall down in a slight earth tremor. LOL

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