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time for another apartment update, don’t you think ?
today i’m showing you what we have on our hallway. it’s a weird space in the apartment – starting out narrow and opening up to a square, wider space. it was too dark to shoot in there, so i just dragged everything into the office ^.^

we still need to find some solution for jackets ( as of now, we’re keeping them on a rail in the office ), but besides from that, i think we are kind of good.

the most recent addition is the unique storage unit* from innovative berlin furniture brand vanpey. i love how minimal and unobtrusive it is – it just melts into the wall without taking up much space or attention. like an addition to the simpleness of the wall, making it more practical and beautiful at the same time. it’s so sleek with a shelving system without the shelves open to the front, but instead with openings to the sides to make it more clean-looking. in it we hide keys, letters, hats, small bags, and a few pairs of shoes at the bottom.

vanpey has two other beautiful hallway furniture that we were choosing from – the schuhregal and the handschuhbox, but we went for the kommode, which is like a combination between the other two. and both david and i are super happy with the result, it fits perfectly on one of our hallway walls.

we just got these new lamps* from vita. when it’s dark out and the lamps are lit, the kommode almost looks like some kind of space ship, or futuristic robot shelves of some sort. just my kind of thing you know ^.^

we still need to get some sort of boxes or baskets for the unit, to put small little hallway things like lipstick, keys, and sunglasses in. otherwise, you know what guys, i’m starting to feel like we got our shit together. after years of living in other people’s homes, with other people’s furniture, and in apartments we’re really unhappy in, we’ve finally have a place that feels like – dare i say it – home.

love // jenny

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in this styling :
vanpey kommode storage unit*
by lassen stool* and mirror*
lamps* from vita
rosendahl vase*
*press gift product


  1. We hardly have any affordable options in New Zealand. This would be perfect for our small aprtment!

  2. Kait Elizabeth

    In love with those lamps! And with the large lightbulbs they’re just perfect! :)

  3. It’s great to hear that you’ve finally found your place. Everything looks beautiful and the comode is a very unexpected piece. The lamps are my favourite though, simply stunning.

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