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are you feeling sad ? you got the tuesday blues ? or just a little bit cranky or moody for no reason ?
we got you covered ! in this episode, we discuss sadness – why do we have it, and is it really all that bad ? plus, the ingenious one-good-blink strategy, you don’t want to miss that one !

we talk about :
– why are we sad ?
– the universal mood scale !
– is sadness good or bad ?
– our get happy strategies !
– when are we happy ?
– is sadness your guilty pleasure ?
– being grateful – does it work !?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week it’s all about the time david had a crush on a neo-nazi !

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love // jenny & david

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  1. Diana Stryuk

    David sexy voice was really fun . Actually, I really like all this Swedish early 2000s stories, tbh, I face a lot of racist stuff from teenagers nowadays. Thats unclear whether all of that they are saying is just a joke, or whether it is really true. Anyways, great podcast!

  2. Have you guys ever taken MBTI personality test? I know you sometimes take quizes on your youtube channel, but this one is a bit more complex and takes about 10 minutes to complete, so it may not be the ideal video content. However, I would love you to do the test in one of the podcast episodes or just talk about your personality types. I wonder if I have guessed them right.

  3. I feel really sad and disappointed when someone perpetuate stereotypical views and laugh their asses of people who wear my religions’ symbol. What a pity that when you see Thor’s hammer on someone instead of pagan believer you think of racist.
    Let me explain because The Mustard didn’t said one thing. Norse Paganism/Asatru/Forn Sidr is real religion as well as Christianity, it’s completely legal religion. We wear Thor’s hammer and we are no racists/nazi. Some right wing groups use ancient symbols and we’re actively fighting to reclaiming those symbols which belong to our religion instead of being used as hate symbols. I can’t wait when you start laughing your asses of Muslims or Christians. I guess Swedes are quite selectively tolerant…

  4. If you´re sad, there is always a reason for it, lovlies. The reason is buried in your subconcious mind, though.

  5. Loved this one! Overall, I think we should accept sadness. Being moody is okay. Society says constantly putting on a smile is the good way to live, but I say this is simply inhuman!

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