BEAUTY : my boyfriend does my makeup

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because why not ?
it’s just a fun experiment to see how it would turn out if someone tries it, who’s never done his own or anyone else’s makeup before.

i for one think david did really good. well, up until the eyeliner part…

we both had a lot of fun making this video, and david was so cute and serious about the whole thing. i was impressed.
not that i’m surprised – david has been cutting my hair for me for years, and i know he’s very thorough and quite talented.
and in his defence, the eyeliner bit is tricky ! the first bunch of times i tried doing my eyeliner, i got the exact same result : the liner being too far away from the lash line. it takes a bit of practice.

on a more serious note – isn’t it time that guys could walk around in makeup and skirts and dresses and heals or whatever without getting hassled for it ?
this whole thing is just stupid, boys in skirts are hella sexy !

love // jenny

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