BEAUTY : my boyfriend does my makeup

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because why not ?
it’s just a fun experiment to see how it would turn out if someone tries it, who’s never done his own or anyone else’s makeup before.

i for one think david did really good. well, up until the eyeliner part…

we both had a lot of fun making this video, and david was so cute and serious about the whole thing. i was impressed.
not that i’m surprised – david has been cutting my hair for me for years, and i know he’s very thorough and quite talented.
and in his defence, the eyeliner bit is tricky ! the first bunch of times i tried doing my eyeliner, i got the exact same result : the liner being too far away from the lash line. it takes a bit of practice.

on a more serious note – isn’t it time that guys could walk around in makeup and skirts and dresses and heals or whatever without getting hassled for it ?
this whole thing is just stupid, boys in skirts are hella sexy !

love // jenny

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  1. Wow David. Good job for the first attempt.

    I would love to see a tutorial on how David cuts your hair. I’m tired of paying a stylist big bucks for a haircut so I could use some tips

  2. Agree that the gender restrictions on clothing should be dropped already. Thankfully I hang out with a bunch of guys who all own kilts – yum! :-)

    Good job on the make-up, David!

  3. LOLOL David is so adorable. I love it when guys do their girlfriend’s make-up. With a little bit more practice he could get good!

  4. Margaret Webb

    Great job David! you did a better job of putting the make up on than some women who do it themselves on their own faces!!

    Love your new apartment and seeing your little transformations of the spaces.

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