BEAUTY : my simple summer look

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this last week, i’ve been keeping my makeup summery light. nude eyes and bright popping lips. just some foundation and lip-colour, and i’m ready to go. how easy is that ?

i recently got this lovely foundation and apricot lipgloss from GlamNatural, a new all natural, vegan makeup brand from the us. the foundation is very smooth and covers well, and it feels great to know that i’m not putting anything toxic on my face. the lipgloss feels great too, very moisturising. although i never really wear lipgloss or lipstick in this light a shade, so i like adding this dark plum aromi matte liquid lipstick from swedish vegan website kissed by eco, or a bright red lipstick on top, like in the pic below.


since i don’t have any eyebrows, keeping the eyes bare almost gives my face an alienesque look that i love. it’s unexpected and simple. i love having as few contrasting features in my face as possible. that’s why i shaved my brows to begin with. i guess it’s the minimalist in me going perhaps a little bit overboard.


the next time we buy makeup, instead of getting the generic chemical-laden stuff, why not make the effort to research ethical indie brands with a conscience, like GlamNatural ? the prices might be a little higher, but then again maybe we could buy a little less ? do we really need ten different eye shadows or is it enough with two or three really good ones ? just a thought ^^

love // jenny


  1. Hej!
    Nyfiken på deras foundation, den låter jätte som att den kan passa min känsliga kombinations hud. Undrar vilken nyans du valde? Jag är nästan lika blek som du :). Undrar också om den ger matt resultat eller hur blir den under dagen?

    Dina videos är verkligen genius, jag har kollat alla och blivit inspirerad! Massive thanks!

    Vegan love x

    • jennymustard

      hej julia !
      for att va arlig sa har jag inte hunnit prova den sa mycket an, har en annan jag gor slut pa forst. men jag tycker nog inte att den ger ett matt resultat. dom sjalva rekommenderar ett farglost puder over pa sin hemsida. jag tog den ljusaste nyansen och den va inte for ljus for mig iaf :)

      aah tack, vad snall du ar !! karlek <3

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