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ok i’ve talked about it and talked about it. a little less conversation, a little more action please.

so here it is – my new hair colour. it’s time to figure out whether i have more fun as a blonde or not.
don’t get me wrong, i love myself as a blonde, and i’m already missing it a bit. but i kind of had no choice, since years and years of bleaching it had utterly killed it. lifeless, no shine, impossible to comb. a tangly mess of deadness.

so i’m at least giving myself a break from the blonde. and who knows, maybe i’ll love myself as a natural even more ?


btw, you know you live in the right city when there’s an all vegan hair salon. i got my hair done by vegan hair dresser sven at weinhönig in prenzlauer berg. my first time getting my hair done by someone else than david for years and years !
sven is super nice though, so i felt very well taken care of.

it’s so nice knowing that all the products they use on your hair are vegan and friendly. we started off with lowlights instead of a complete colouring to give me less of a shock, but i think i’ll get a solid colour soon – i want everything to have the same shade, instead of the highlight sort of stripes. this slightly cool grey shade is so stunning, it makes the shades of my face and eyes really different from before. refreshing !


i can’t wait to see what it will look like when my own hair colour has grown out more to get a comparison. i think it will look great !

what does david think you ask ?
he’s displeased that he didn’t do the hairdressing this time around, since the result is so beautiful.
‘ nice with some change ‘, he says. alright then.

to be honest though. i think i will miss how striking the platinum is. there’s no other way to stand out in a crowd as much as with all that crisp whiteness.
or is it ?
challenge accepted !


a big thank you to weinhönig for helping out a girl in need of some vegan haircare. you rock !

i wonder what all of you think too. hope you like me in all natural ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. I like it very much! Your hairdresser did a beautiful job. A change is good after a long time with the same look. I’m always fine-tuning my hair color.

  2. Is it weird that I read all your entries with your voice and accent in my head? Love it! And I’m so much enjoying your youtube videos, please keep up the good work you two!

  3. Love the change with the color … This change the whole vision of you in a good and beautiful way ! Well done ! X x x Elena

  4. Wooow, I like it a lot! It makes a huge difference and I find that change very interesting. Changes are good things.

  5. it looks lovely! blonde was great too, but just go for it ! (the change i mean). it’s always good to change up a little and you’ll rock your natural colour. besides i’m sure it will be as much as a staple of you and your style as the platium has been until now. no regrets, you can be proud an happy ! (my humble opinion ^^ )

  6. I love the change. You would look striking and amazing no matter what colour your hair was, or even without hair at all. Love your posts and your videos, you and David are fantastic to watch. Cheers, Michele

  7. I bet you don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror? I love the subtly of the color and it works well with your beauty choices enjoy the experimentation and new discoveries…

  8. I personally think you will always stand out. It’s not your hair color that makes you different… Are you planning to grow your eyebrows as well?

  9. Sven from weinhönig is great! I had a consultation with him recenty, as I also wanted to change from red to silver. He is the sweetest guy and really takes his time! Can’t wait once my old colour has finally grown out to make an appointment with him, your results look great :)

  10. I’d like to see you wearing the silver-grey number you wore for, I believe it was day 1, of Fashion week? with this new hair colour. I think it would be stunning!

  11. Seriously, you would look adorable in any shade! I do favor the white/blonde better, however I know when you need a change…you NEED a change!

    Do you have to rethink your makeup color choices now?

  12. I think your blue eyes are even more striking with this color! Very nice idea, love the change!

  13. The cool thing about short hair is that it doesn’t take (very) long to grow out hair and get back to healthy hair. Your transition colour is stunning. But perhaps as a natural silver haired lady I’m biased.

  14. Jag älskar ditt blonda hår
    Du passande så bra i ditt blonda och ljus hud
    Önskande kunde se ut som du
    Stor förebild för mig
    Skriver på svenska när vet du är också svensk

  15. To me your hair is very nice in grey or in platinum but i prefer grey hair :D Could you tell us more about your “vegan colored” hair ? I’m very interested in ! oh and i like watching your videos, you, both, are amazing !
    Sorry if i did some mistakes, i need to improve my english (i’m french)

  16. Hi Jenny,
    I think in blond you looked cool and in platinum too :) It’s about the personality and how you feel.
    If you feel that you stand out from the crowd that you are, with every hair color :)

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