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it’s the money episode ! we talk about : – our love hate relationship with money ! – how much should you have ? – our own financial situation throughout the years ! – is money important ? – can you buy happiness ? – […]

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when i think about romance, i think of two kinds of relationships – the ‘opposites attract’ and the ‘kindred spirits’ relationships. they are each other’s opposites. the first one is the classic, the one we get taught to aspire to as kids. centred around the […]

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HOW TO STOP BEING LAZY and become focused

the number one reason for us not reaching the goals we set up for ourselves is, in my opinion, that we’re lacking focus, self-discipline, and drive. our world today has become so filled with distractions, options, and noise that it’s hard to tune out the […]

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you guys always ask me about which cruelty-free beauty products i use and would recommend, so when our sponsor philips* asked us if we wanted to try out their new electric toothbrush sonicare diamondclean – i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my […]

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COLUMN : to believe in yourself

i just realised something recently. i’m no longer standing on the threshold, looking in at my dream life, visible but just out of reach. by moving to this apartment, i’m officially in. i’ve ticked off enough boxes to feel like the life i dreamed about […]

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PODCAST : if we were single

in today’s episode we talk ‘what ifs’ ! what if we had never met each other ? what if we broke up ? what if one of us died all of sudden ? – what would our lives be like without each other ? jenny’s […]

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PODCAST : top 5 girl power movies

the second podcast episode in our feminist themed week. today we list our top 5 girl power movies – movies that will make you feel powerful, inspired, and sometimes more than a little bit angry. we talked about how feminism affect our daily lives and […]

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