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you guys always ask me about which cruelty-free beauty products i use and would recommend, so when our sponsor philips* asked us if we wanted to try out their new electric toothbrush sonicare diamondclean – i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my […]

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FOOD : my favourite teas

it shouldn’t come as news that i’m a major tea lover. i usually drink about four cups a day. it’s like my instant relaxation fix. my favourite kind is green tea. green jasmine tea is beyond compare. equally as good in a different way is genmai […]

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FOOD : weirdly healthy + easy late night snacks

let’s go – 3 easy as can be late night snacks, each with some weirdly healthy attribute. organic soy yogurt, turmeric, brussels sprout, nutritional yeast, anti-inflammatory, dna-protective, probiotic – you name it, it’s in there ^.^ i hope these snack ideas can help you with […]

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HEALTH : why i don’t weigh myself

i realise that this is very sensitive subject – weight and body image. so i just wanted to give a little warning that this video is about those things, if anyone thinks that they might be upset about hearing me talking about this. this is […]

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