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COLUMN : welcome to berlin

so we’ve made it ! we’re in berlin and we’re still alive. after three hours of sleep and some crazy busy weeks behind us though, we were definitely not in shape to deal with unnecessary problems due to someone mucking about. our plane landed 8am […]

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TRAVEL : my top 5 portland restaurants

omg you guys, thank you so much all of you who answered my questions about yourself yesterday ! i feel so connected to you now. like you’re not just stats on a screen anymore – you’re interesting, kind, unique, lovely persons, and i’m so lucky […]

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3 THINGS : reasons to visit portland

we’re boarding our plane back to stockholm on thursday already ! can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks since we arrived here in portland. but the city has treated us so well, we’re super happy that we came and stayed for a like proper amount […]

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COLUMN : city vs nature

the other day we took a trip to the hoyt arboretum in washington park here in portland. it’s fascinating that you so quickly can get out of the city and into the wild. or at least semi-wild. i had been so comfortable being in the […]

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