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do you guys remember the video i posted called ‘why i don’t want kids’ around a year and a half ago ? the response to that video was kinda overwhelming.

so far it has about half a million views, not to mention the comments. both in length and magnitude, but also intensity, the comments have blown me away. i’ve gotten so, so much hate but most importantly even more love ! and with that i’ve realised that this issue is probably not talked about as much as it should. is it taboo i’m wondering ? so i’ve decided to revisit the issue again, answering some of the most common questions i’ve gotten on the last video. let’s hope for less hate this time around. here goes !

what do you guys think, is this something we should be open to speak about more often ? and by the way – that hate on the last video, was almost exclusively from dudes. hmmm… simmer down boys.

love // jenny

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  1. It’s the number one question I’m asked at social gathering’s by people I don’t even know. When asked if I have children and I reply “no”. I used to be met with, ‘maybe you’ll change’, but recently I had “I thought so”. At the time I was deeply engaged in another conversation, so the question and statement went out the window. However, if you know the answer to a question why ask it? Then again, why judge if you don’t know the real answer? Truth is, I don’t have children, I can’t have children, and No, I’ve never really desired to reproduce myself. I have nothing against people with children, goodness, I work WITH children. Only later did I find out that the person who made the remark has difficulties with their own children and I’m sincerely sorry about it. Blessings & Peace.

  2. To each their own – I wish people would understand that and not label it as ‘wrong’. I always wanted to have children and I have two. But I have also wanted a career and I had no idea how much you sacrifice for having children. I’m not complaining, and I always tell people that having children shouldn’t stop them from living their dream, but realistically looking, we are limited in what we can and can’t do when we are parents. I totally understand why some people choose career over having children or choosing to not reproduce because our planet is already an overcrowded place, and I totally support their decision. I wish we all were a little bit more understanding and less judgemental.

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