COLUMN : fake meat – yay or nay ?

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i don’t know how many times i’ve been asked this question.
‘do you eat fake meat ?’

and when i reply that ‘yes, sometimes i do’, the usual response is about it being weird that vegans eat fake meat, because why would we want to eat something that looks like meat ?

well… i eat summer rolls too, and they sort of look and feel like condoms. if that isn’t going to scare me off, some soy beans shaped into a sausage certainly won’t ^^


because here’s the thing. for me, the shape of the food isn’t the issue. the ingredient list is.
i’m vegan for the animals, the environment, and for my own health. i’m not vegan because i find the shape of a hamburger offensive in any way.

that being said, i do prefer cooking from scratch. i find it pleasurable to know that i’ve made something by myself. and it’s a great feeling knowing exactly what goes into my tummy. that’s what i’ll eat as my normal, everyday diet.
but i still like to have the veganized products from time to time. just about everytime i find a new vegan fake meat or cheese product in the shop, i get thrilled and i’ll try it. why ? i can think of three reasons.


1. because it’s fun
i’m a very curious person, and if someone is selling their vegan version of feta cheese, i’m going to want to see what it tastes like.

2. because it’s good for a growing vegan community
when me and david turned vegan about 8 years ago, the only veganized products we had to choose from was a horrible tasting vegan cheese, and a pack of 4 bland soy sausages for €5. not fun.
so everytime a new vegan product is available it means that the first step towards going vegan isn’t as big and daunting anymore. new vegans can simply continue eating their usual burgers and lasagna, no bean sprouting necessary.

3. because every new product is a sign
a sign that veganism is here to stay. the number of people going vegan each year has grown massively. and that companies in the food industry are viewing the vegan market as big enough to be willing to add vegan items to their ranges is something to celebrate and support.
i especially love to see companies that already sell vegetarian products decide to cut the crap and remove egg and dairy from their food and go full vegan. because why not ? no one can taste the difference anyway.

so everytime i munch on some facon, fauxrizo, or swedish cheatballs, i don’t think about how weird it is that i’m eating fake meat – i think about how great it is that being vegan is so incredibly easy, and that i wish everyone knew just how easy it is.

fake meat ? definitively yay.

love // jenny

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  1. Yay! Yay! Yay all the way. I love your answers and feel much the same way. Only when I went vegan four years ago, it was exciting as every few weeks there seemed to be a new vegan product on the market!

    • jennymustard

      i know, so much is happening in vegan food department, it’s exciting !
      lots of love mary !

  2. Yes! Very well said. Besides, fake meat & dairy products are excellent for people transitioning into a vegan diet. They don’t have to give up their favorite foods from childhood in order to eat consciously.

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