COLUMN : my reaction to haters

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every time they say

i’m too pale
i’m too old
i’m too young
i’m too vain
i’m too fat
i’m too skinny
i’m too mild
i’m too extreme
i’m too odd
i’m too weird
i’m too kind
i’m too nerdy
i’m too wild
i’m too boring
i’m too ugly
i’m too much

i just delete the ‘too’.
and i think to myself – wow i’m a lot of things.

and i shrug.
and i smile.
and i get on with my day.

love // jenny


    • jennymustard

      oh wow thank you so much ! what a lovely comment ^^
      lots of love xx

  1. How somebody as fabulous as you gets haters is beyond me. I love your concept of dealing with the “too”. Thanks for the great posting. It feels like poetry in a way.

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