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i find it surreal that i’m even writing this.
that we’re still talking about this.
that love in any form could still be considered wrong.

but as long as it’s still needed saying – we’ll keep saying it.
love. is. good.
in what world could it be anything but ?

it’s stockholm pride and i want to celebrate. and hope for a day when pride is celebrated just because it’s fun. not because it’s needed.
i can’t wait for the day when pride isn’t important anymore.

for the day when we’ll see love for what it is :
not just a right.
not just a responsibility.
but a privilege.

love & pride
// jenny

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  1. i love the picture! ✨ but don’t forget that pride isn’t just about getting to love who you want, but also to get to be who you are. all of us aren’t privileged to be born in the right body and we need to remember that. everyone is beautiful and should get to be who they are

    • jennymustard

      don’t worry josefin, i haven’t forgot anyone :) love can mean so much more than the romantic kind between two people. if you read my blog you’ll see that i write mostly about the love for oneself, ones body, and ones identity. so no one’s excluded :)

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