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like i say in the video, i made the original body image pledge video almost exactly one year ago.
since there are more of you watching / reading now, i thought this was worth repeating. hope you agree.

this is the pledge :
1. i pledge to shift focus from being skinny & pretty, to being healthy & kind.
2. i pledge to never again make a negative comment about another person’s body.
3. i pledge to stop supporting media who engage in body shaming.
4. i pledge to be a positive influence in my own environment.



now go love that body of yours. you only got the one.

with all my love
// jenny

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  1. I pledge to treat myself with the same love I show other people. You never know what war someone is fighting… I have Lupus and my medications caused me to gain 100 lbs. I am learning to love myself…for me. I don’t agree with body it female or male.

  2. You’re right but … it’s easier to say something like that, to follow those steps, those pledges when you’re so slim. There’s almost impossible to love myself, to accept all that fat, those increasing kilos, when my efforts are pointless, I’m binge eater, even veganism doesn’t help. If I could be slim like I used to, like you are …

    • The point of the pledge is it *not* to make body love and acceptance dependent on how you look. I’m a binge eater too, I know how hard it is but I also know you *can* learn to love and honour your body no matter what shape it is.
      I hope you are in therapy and/or self help groups, they helped me enormously! It’s a journey but you can get there. Much love to you! <3

    • You just need new references. Look for Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, Nadia Absoulhosn. They are fat, beautiful, and healthy. :)

      The moment you shift your perspective of beauty, you will see beauty everywhere. I think the pressure of being or not being something is what cause us pain, not our bodies.

  3. Barbie Sanchez

    Jenny, you are definitely not the only one sick of the shaming!
    It all begins with self love and acceptance….keep on spreading the love #bodyimagepledge

  4. that video a year ago was the one that made me follow your blog. cooking, eating, living healthy made me feel energized and happy from then on. every body has a different “healthy-shape” and while some are super skinny other (like me) are not exactly. and that’s okay. thanks for sharing this again at a time when one is thinking about the perfect skinny summer body.. love <3

  5. Hi Jenny! I encountered your body image video yesterday and I am so thankful that I did! In our household, I’m always the one who is teased for my weight because everyone was leaner when they were my age (I’m the youngest). I hate shopping especially the part in the fitting room because I would leave disappointed that I can’t fit into clothes that I really, REALLY want to wear (plus confronting my naked body for what it is really leaves me slightly depressed). My family doesn’t know it but I feel really hurt whenever they would comment about how I should lose weight, ‘fix myself’ and in general, look ‘prettier.’ Anyways, I think encountering that video of yours and your blog is very significant to me. It led me to a bunch of other websites that really opened my eyes about positive body image and living healthier, and happier. Thank you so much! :)

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