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so i’m surprised and very happy for the response i’ve been getting on my first talkie video that i uploaded last week. in it i discuss what my hopes and dreams are for my youtube channel and for this blog. like expanding it, including more areas of life, but at the same time i want to keep the same focus as now – minimalistic, simple and clean.

i’ve recently been reflecting more and more on this simple take on life. and i want everyday to feel inspired. do you feel the same way ?
why not have a cup of tea with me and take a moment to ask ourselves what we want.

for me, this way of looking at things has so far affected my view on everything from ethics , health, and aesthetics, to the definition of you know, what happiness itself means.

so i thought i’d share some examples of the ways in which minimalism and simplification has changed my perspective :

cooking food which is whole and fresh, using as few ingredients as possible, and still having it be delicious and fulfilling. always asking : do i really need all the ingredients in this recipe ? is there any new way to cook this veggie that will make it more interesting or usable in my everyday life ?

– i feel like working out should be easy. it shouldn’t take tons of equipment, money, or time to get my daily exercise done. i also want trying out new forms of exercising to be accessible and easy. because wouldn’t it be great if working out was actually fun while doing it, instead of just feeling great afterwards you’ve forced yourself to get it done ?

– another thing i want, is to get inspired by others as often as possible. i want to listen to interesting people talk about their passions. i can’t think of an easier way to get energised and motivated.

prioritising when making plans is something i’m trying very hard to learn at the moment. i’m used to planning to do way too many things to finish in a day, making each day incredibly busy and leaving me feeling like i’ve failed. so i’m working on planning less. prioritising just a few things, never too much to accomplish in a day.

– i find that a calming surrounding is key to a low-stress life. this is a tricky one since cleaning really isn’t fun at all. but in my opinion it takes more energy just being in a messy home, than it does cleaning up for a few minutes every day.
another thing i try to do regarding my home is continuously getting rid of stuff that i don’t need, keeping the few things that really mean something to me, and letting go of the rest. only buying the few very well-designed things that will make my home more comfortable and beautiful.

– although this isn’t about simplifying, i believe another important aspect of this lifestyle is to support small independent businesses. preferably businesses with a clear ethical standpoint, and a passion for their product. this is all about impacting the market by making choices. putting my money where my heart is, so to speak.

to do all of this i try to stop, take a step back, have a moment’s thought, and evaluate as often as possible.
it’s about valuing myself and my environment enough to take the time to make actual choices.

this is what i want.

love // jenny

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  1. I do the exact thing. I plan, or rather want to do too many things during the day. And a feeling of failure it’s definately not how I want to end the day. I will join you in the process of prioritising. Anyway, when you finish early you can always accomplish more and the feeling of fulfillment is even greater than.

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