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so we’ve made it ! we’re in berlin and we’re still alive.
after three hours of sleep and some crazy busy weeks behind us though, we were definitely not in shape to deal with unnecessary problems due to someone mucking about.

our plane landed 8am this morning and we were supposed to call our host straight away to meet up and leave the bags in the apartment – to come back after lunch when she’d had the time to clean the place. we had a feeling something would go wrong with this plan. needless to say, a bunch of phone calls and texts later, we still couldn’t reach her.

so we took a taxi to the apartment and simply ring the door bell. where an unassuming french girl is looking at us surprised saying nothing more than ‘ i think there’s been a mistake ‘.


turns out, our host is not there, and we’re talking to the couple who’ve been renting the place before us. they had tried calling the host too without luck.

we go to a nearby vegan café and chill for a bit, as you can see in the pics. and return to the flat at the time when the other guests are leaving. still no host. so now we’re all standing there in the hallway. with our coats on. with our bags packed. with shoes on. and with moods turnings worse with every minute.

finally the other guests decide to just go. they leave the keys with us and now where here. in a flat in berlin, without ever meeting the owner. an hour later, still no sign of the host.


we begin calling airbnb. they’re really helpful thank god, and start looking for other places for us. we don’t know the wifi password so we spend forever setting up a wifi hotspot account. we’re annoyed.
we’re cancelling our romantic plans for the day, realising we won’t have the time or energy.

and just when we’re about to cancel this apartment and check in to a hotel – we get a text message.
‘ sorry my phone didn’t woke me’.

that’s it. after four and a half hours of being on the phone sorting out where to stay, looking at other accommodations online getting all tired and moody, we get a ‘ sorry my phone didn’t woke me ‘.


she still hasn’t come by. she has other things to do than clean our apartment apparently, so we’re not getting in properly until tonight. in the middle of all this irritation, david looks at me and tells me that although this is all very disappointing and frustrating, we still don’t behave like we’re that upset. and that’s probably because we’re so used to people messing up our mojo from our london days, that we’ve become experts at sorting out problems caused by others. and getting too frustrated is not going to make things easier.

yep this is so london. people never doing what they say they’re going to do. one of the nicest things with stockholm is that you can trust people. we were hoping that berlin’s better than london, but so far we’re off to a rocky start.


here’s what i’m going to do : i’m going to buy myself a pair of trousers. right now. then i’m going to buy ingredients for a steaming hot tomato soup with vegan parmesan. a bottle of wine. come back here, put on some romantic music. cook and eat with david. take a shower and collapse in bed and sleep for 12 hours straight. then i’ll be ready to give berlin another go !

thanks kiddos for staying through this very long rant. david is taking a power nap as i write, so knowing that you’re here is really cheering me up already. to be honest, i’m already smiling at the memory of us standing in winter coats together with the french couple being all annoyed. you guys always cheer me up !

ok time to put on some bright red lipstick, crawl into my huge fake fur and wake david up. let’s go get those trousers.

love // jenny

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  1. Omg that sounds so terrible. I’m so sorry for you and David. Hope the next days are getting better than this one. :) Berlin is always giving everyone a hard start but after that time. ..I promise it’s amazing ;) and you still look stunning while eating that cake ;) <3

  2. Skickar all sympati jag har!! Hatar när folk inte beter sig som om ens överenskommelser spelar roll. Jag var airbnbhost i somras och en gång sade ett par att de skulle bli försenade och inte kunde komma när de sagt. Det var ju sugigt, jag hade kvällsplaner och hade städat lägenheten och hade liksom inget att göra för ville inte stöka ned. Frågade vart tåget var just nu, och när de trodde att de skulle komma fram. Visade sig att de bara var typ 15 min försenade och tänkte att de kunde gå på stan i några timmar!!! Blev så himla arg över att ha den inställningen till andra människors tid?! När jag skyndat mig och åkt in till tågstationen för att lämna över nyckeln till dem så slutade det ändå med att de åkte hem innan de gick ut (för det är ju helt klart smartast att börja med att lämna sina väskor!). Herregud. Inget har någonsin fått mig att känna mig så nationalistisk, haha. Hejar på er uthållighet, och hoppas att allt blir mer gött snart!

  3. Hi Jenny:

    Love reading about your life. Can’t wait to see Berlin again through you; living there vicariously through your writing, pics and vids. Well, I feel safe to presume you’ll be giving us a tour!

    I always feel compelled to comfort anyone who has a trying time, so I hope you don’t mind when I do.

    When things don’t turn out as expected, I remember what a good friend told me:

    The more cultural diversity, the more complexity, because we’re with others who often think differently than we do, and are much different than we are, sometimes more than we could ever imagine.

    Also, never let people control your happiness by not meeting your expectations, because it’s never black and white; unless you find human beings who are exactly like you, in every way. And that is not easy.

    So, put a protective shield around yourself, and no matter what the world throws at you, DO NOT let anyone penetrate that shield, and ruin your day.

    Think I’ll take a break from commenting, but I enjoy your blog immensely.



  4. I’m sorry to hear that, Jenny!! I hope your second experience is a much better one.

    Take care settling in :)


  5. I hope that incoming Berlin times are going to be more pleasant for you. Stay positive and have a great time there!

  6. Oh now, what a rocky start! Welcome to Berlin I guess… this place can be really hard with such things, air b’n’b things seem to be weird here sometimes… Hope today’s gonna be a better day! Next time, ring at my door, haha (if I’m not in Orlando like now). Wishing you an amazing first weekend in Berlin <3

  7. I hope you got some rest, and that today is looking brighter for you both :-) If push comes to shove, I hope you’ll find another, better place to stay – there are some great people in Berlin, don’t let the few idiots spoil it for you!

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  9. OOOH Jenny !! It’sounds sooo frustrating !!! But your plan for the evening was so relaxing, just by reading it I felt the nice energy lol ! Hope everything is fixed now ^^

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