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in this video i share some of my all-time favourite healthy diet hacks – all super easy, lazy and realistic !
and of course fitting for a whole foods vegan diet. heart-healthy, energizing, delicious, quick and easy – sounds good ?

everything from switching out processed foods, refined sugars and oils – to getting more nutrient packed veggies in your diet – to avoid too much sodium – and feeling satisfied and happy on a non-restrictive yet super healthy diet !

we all deserve to be healthy and happy, and my intention with this video is just to share a little bit of body positivity and show that it’s completely possible to eat yummy, satisfying comfort food and still be healthy af !

do you have an epically good healthy diet hack up your sleeve ? please share !

love // jenny

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  1. Hello Jenny! Loved this video! I have one healthy hack that is pretty obvious but I will mention it anyway: avocados. Most mornings I will have one half of an avocado on sourdough toast. I use sourdough because it is less fattening than other breads, and when I eat avocados in the morning, I am actually quite full until late afternoon. This is perfect for me because I don’t like to snack all day because I’m afraid I will just go for unhealthy snacks. So avocados are super healthy, super yummy and they keep you full for a long time.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I love to food prep every week, that way I have lots of fruits and vegetables ready to go when I’m feeling hungry. I know I’ll eat something healthy if I make it easy and quick to grab.

  3. Great tips! I especially agree with you about sneaking in veggies to your drinks. Not all kids love to munch on leafy greens, and I know some adults who do not as well. Thanks for sharing.

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