ETC : business meeting fun ? true story.

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last week me and david had a meeting with our blog agency here in stockholm. they’re so great – i always feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged after a chat with them. so it was a lot of fun ! seriously, i wouldn’t mind popping in there for a cup of tea and just hang out every week.

after the meeting we took a walk, and did some window shopping. this is what i was wearing : david’s gorgeous trousers, a mesh top, and as always – one of my oversized cardis. they have become such staples in my wardrobe, i wear one of them almost every day.

with flash or without – what do you prefer ?

wishing you the best start of the week !
love // jenny


  1. För det första, superfin blogg! Sen undrar jag vilka produkter du använder när du bleker ditt hår? Det är så ljust och fint!

    • ah tack linnea !! vad gullig du ar :D
      jag anvander ett blekmedel som heter stargazer tror jag. dom ar veganska, men som allt annat blekmedel sa ar det inte direkt snallt mot haret for det :P

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