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i’ve teamed up with the wineagency for this post, spreading the word on the vegan and organic wine box ekologiska (organic) lupi reali trebbiano d’abruzzo.

in sweden at least, it can be quite difficult to know which wines are vegan, because it’s rarely marked by the shop. here in berlin, most shops know which wines are vegan or not, which is much appreciated. but when we’re in sweden, we sort of just memorise a few vegan wines that we know we can find at systembolaget ( the shop were you buy wine in sweden ). and vegan lupi reali is sold in most systembolaget shops in sweden. i’ve tried to find it here in berlin, but without much luck. let me know if you stumble upon it my german friends !

when we call a wine vegan, it’s simply because no animal products have been used in the wine production. for non-vegan wines they use animal derived products such as egg whites as finings in the process, to clarify the wine.

this organic and vegan wine is a crisp and fresh white, with notes of citrus, green apples, and minerals, made of the grape trebbiano. it’s a box wine, sold by the well-known producer valle reale. it’s great with light and fresh food, like salads. or on it’s on as an aperitif. i’m thinking a thai inspired noodle salad with toasted sesame seeds.


i find it so convenient when producers inform us customers on whether their product is vegan or not. it should be clear, simple, and easy to make conscious choices, that are good for the planet and our animal friends.

thank you the wineagency for the letting me try this wine, i’m going to enjoy a glass in front of the oscars tonight ( yep haven’t seen it yet, so don’t tell me anything. we’re having an oscar extravaganza tonight ! )

love // jenny

wine : lupi reali trebbiano d’abruzzo 2015, box 300 cl
nr 2252 199kr at swedish systembolaget


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