ETC : gone (not) fishing

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i had a whole other blog post planned for today, but plans change. david woke me up this morning at 8am, which he usually never does. i always wake up by myself. so i asked him ‘what’s up, why are you waking me ?’ and he said ‘because it’s a special day’.

huh fair enough. so i get up and he’s made me a beautiful breakfast and tells me we’re having a day off. so i need to go now, i’m hurridly writing this in a café in between kombucha sips and lucuma ball bites.

see you tomorrow instead kiddos !

oh actually, you can check out my very first ‘what i eat in a day’ video i posted yesterday if you haven’t yet ^^

love // jenny



  1. Margaret Webb

    Hi Jenny– loved your “what I eat in a day” video :) and Yes!! more of those- maybe once/twice a week? Always fun to see what “fuels the engine”. I have been busy and ended up cooking many of my stand-by vegan staples, so thus far have only had to chance to try 2 of your recipes- the Choco-banana squares (hubby loved them) and the Berry Nice Cream. I want to make your potato salad with eggplant & dill. On another topic, is your blender a Swedish-make or widely available brand eg KitchenAid? Just curious as I”m looking for a new high speed one and am loving the Vitamix but not the price!! $$$
    Fall is closing in over here too ~ stews, hearty soups and comfort food soon to be on the menu.
    good vibes and hugs your way!! hope you had a fabulous “day off’ fish…watching!

    • hahah thank you lovely margaret !
      making a video like this takes a huge amount of time and energy though, so won’t be posting them every week… but hopefully we’ll make another one soon :)
      my blender is great, it’s called wilfa (not sure in what countries it’s available) i can highly reccoment it !
      hope you like the potato salad !!
      love // j

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