ETC : how i edit my instagram photos ( iphone )

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ok, you guys have been asking me for ages to make this video – so sorry for taking this long.
the reason is that i wanted to be really pleased with my instagram feed before making the video, but hey – it’s always going to be a work in progress so i might as well tell you how i edit my iphone pics now, and i can always update the video later on if i feel like i need to.

so here’s where i’m at right now – both when it comes to editing my photos, but also how i manage my minimalist theme – with mostly black, white, and greys, a cool tone and without cluttering my feed.

as i say in the video, i shoot my outfit and food photos with my DSLR, and edit them in photoshop ( have a look here to find out how i edit in photoshop ), but today i want to focus on photos i shoot and edit on my iphone, since that’s what i’m guessing most of you guys are using.

plus taking smartphone pics is so much fun !

the apps i’m using :
instagram ( of course )

it takes me maybe around 3 minutes to go from original to posting on instagram, so it’s a very quick and easy way to edit.
( scroll down for before & after pics. )

jennymustardhowieditinstagram2 jennymustardhowieditinstagram4

hope you found this helpful and tag me in your photos if you ever try any of my tips on instagram !
i’d love to see the result ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. I see now I really need to get into FaceTune. Using only VSCO at the moment and I love it as a general editor, but being able to edit different parts of your pics is really awesome!

    Funny how my feed is the complete opposite of yours: warm and sort of boho inspired. Love your insta though, you’re minimalist style is one of the few I keep finding interesting <3

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. Thank y ou for sharing your tips. It seems pretty hard but i will give it a try as i ‘ve started my blog

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