ETC : how to be confident – 8 ways

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isn’t that something we all want for ourselves – to be able to walk down the street with out heads held high, feeling completely comfortable in our own skin.

being able to express who we are without feeling ashamed of ourselves – no matter if it’s through the way we talk, how we dress, or through the lifestyle choices we make.

i have definitely been in a place where i don’t feel that way. when i’m not proud of myself, relaxed and happy with who i am. what i look like. how i carry myself. my conversational skills. whatever.

but i’m happy to say that for every passing year, i grow more and more confident. i like myself better and better, and i feel relaxed in a lot of situations where i before would get nervous, uncomfortable or unsure of myself.

and since i’ve been asked about this a lot, probably because my look is kind of out there sometimes, i decided to make a video about my thoughts on the matter of confidence, and how i’ve been able to boost mine.
i hope it resonates with some of you. if not – that’s cool too.

no matter who you are, how you want to dress, speak, work, love, and live – i hope you’ll be able to do it confidently. life’s too short to be putting ourselves down all the time. let’s start believing in ourselves !

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love // jenny

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  1. Kajsa Horner

    Tack så mycket! Du är så fin och inspirerande! Fortsätt så! ❤️

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