ETC : how to get over a bad day

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we all have them – the days so bad you just want to fall asleep and wake up a week later.
are you having one of those days ? i’m here for you – let’s cheer up together and get that mood boosted !
i’ve made a list of some of my favourite ways to pick myself up after being run down by life. i hope i’ll be able to make your bad day just a tiny little bit better.

if you like listening to our podcast, you’ve already spent one of those days with me and david – when we recently had the worst day, got drunk, and recorded a podcast episode. that was actually a very good way to deal with our bad mood, we ended up super giggly and silly !

if you don’t have a podcast to rant yourself silly in, then take a look at the video instead :

here’s what i think – i’m not going to try living a life free from sorrow, sadness, stress, and anger. that seems boring to me. i’ll instead to my best to find ways to deal with a bad mood, making them seem less daunting and serious. because life is full of both the good stuff and the bad. and i want to be ready – come what may.

love // jenny

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  1. Sometimes it’s great to just give yourself permission to be in a bad mood. It can be such a relief! Wallowing is underrated :-) Usually it’s also the fastest way for me to get to a feel-good place again.

  2. Great video, it’s so important for all of us to accept our bad days and give us a treat every now and then. As you said, it’s mostly just a bad day and not the end of the world, and creating a cozy environment usually makes it much easier to pass by!

    x, Anova

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