ETC : how to go vegan | my advice to new vegans & vegan-curious

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in this video i share a bit of advice for anyone who is new to veganism, for vegans looking for some motivation, or for anyone curious about trying veganism out or incorporating more vegan food to their diet.
i also mention a bit about how and why i became vegan myself. if you want the full story – read here.

i offer my advice very humbly though, because you guys have asked me to. but i’m not big on advice actually – what has worked for me wouldn’t necessarily be helpful to anyone else.
however, i think the points i’m trying to make in this video are quite general, so i’m hoping that they will resonate with anyone else.

what do you think – are you ready to go vegan ?
or maybe you already are one ? share your tips too !

if you want more vegan / diet related posts have a look at these :
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love // jenny

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  1. I’m curious Jenny, are you a full-time blogger? Or do you also have a job involving what you studied at your university?

  2. Great video, you seem like such a lovely person!
    In the Netherlands we’ve got the ‘vegan challenge’ where people can participate to be vegan for 1 month. It’s really helped me a lot because it ‘forces’ you to step out of your comfort zone cooking-wise and experiment with different techniques ect.
    I’m now 99% vegan and in a few days I’m doing a complete detox for health reasons, hopefully after that I’ll manage to stay vegan completely.

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your blog!


  3. Thank you so much for just everything you do. I’ve been a vegeterian for quite some time and i really thought that i could never give up dairy products, especially cheese.
    I had some health issues recently, and that was the turning point for me – i decided to take care of myself much more, and of my health of course. So, i started surfing the internet looking for healthy recepies. I don’ remember how, but i came accross your youtube chanel just a few days after taking that decision. And that was it. I learned so much from you, i wached every video, started cooking and i can’t tell you just how happy i am now. It changed my life for the best in such a short period of time. Every time i eat any meal that i make, i feel true happiness :-), and yes, my health has improved significantly, i just feel so much better in every way.
    One more thing, we share a similar story, i also took best decision of my life when i started dating my husband :-).
    I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. So thank you again. You have all my support, i am looking forward every video, advice, column from you!
    Best from Belgrade, Serbia

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  5. You’re non-judgmental and positive attitude towards sharing the plant-based/vegan message is definitely going to make people want to give it a shot! Once they do, they’ll love it. Love your attitude and calm nature on camera. Keep it up!

  6. I am so ready! I was consistently vegan for 6 months and it was the best decision I had ever made for my body. As things get busy and my job becomes more stressful, it is easy to go backwards. I have fallen off but desperately want and will come back to vegan-ism. I just need Help! This blog and your youtub channel have been very helpful. Thank You!

    • oh i’m so happy to hear it kandice ! you go :D
      sending lots of love and motivation your way <3

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  28. I love this video, its really simple and I completely agree with those great tips! I have been Vegan for almost 5 months and I’m the only one out of my friends and family who is one, in addition to that, I’m not very good at cooking, so its been quite the challenge for me and have found myself drifting off somewhat. So thank you for your advice both in your blog and YouTube channel, it’s a huge help in gaining back motivation to keep on going :)
    After watching this video I was wondering What were the first 5 recipes you used when you first went vegan? and do you have any cookbooks you recommend?

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