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happy times. we’ve now decided after a lot of thinking and talking and discussing and dreaming – we’re moving to berlin !
(if everything goes according to plan.)
hopefully already this december.

so what i want to know is, are any of you readers living in berlin ? or used to live there maybe ? or just berlin expert for the fun of it ?
if so, hook us up with some berlin advice – where to live, what to do, how to rent, or anything else that’s fun or good to know.
both me and david would really appreciate any help !

today, in between filming a video and researching berlin flats and looking over our budget and planning the week, we really needed a break. these shots are from a little bed break earlier today. hope you like them !

i’m wearing david’s crazily oversized and equally crazily beautiful trousers.
with top and arm cuffs from brandi foo*, not only a hella talented designer, but also a long-time follower of mine (and me of her).
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feel free to hit me up with all your best berlin tips.

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love // jenny

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  1. Hey Jenny! I’m from Berlin! Happy to welcome you in this amazing city!
    The areas Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg are quite popular for living. They are well loved by kind of ‘hipster’/alternative people and also by students and tourists. Therefore it’s become quite expensive in terms of rent, at least conpared to Berlin’s normal prices, and can get really busy at times. But you can find many nice Cafés or restaurants there with lots of vegan options too.
    An not yet quite as well known and popular area is Neukölln, but the northern part of it, around Hermannstraße, Karl-Marx-Straße and Sonnenalle near Tempelhofer Feld, is kind of the upcoming ‘in’-district. At the moment it’s still a multicultural mix of younger people/ students with their chai lattes and turkish/arabian residents and their Cafés, Shops etc.
    If crouded and busy is not quite your thing, you maybe should avoid those areas;).
    Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Steglitz are more ‘grown up’ areas, but there are busy areas as well near schlossstraße and Kurfürstendamm.
    Actually your impression of Berlin may vary from area to area or even from street to street!
    That’s all I can think of from the top of my head.. But you can email me if you have any more detailed question:).

    • wow this is really helpful thank you !! yeah those are the areas we are thinking of too ! we want to live in a busy area where lots is going on, but still sort of clean and not to loud at night (we live in such horribly noisy and messy areas in london, and want to have a calmer home this time). i might email you if we have some more specific questions :D
      like one thing : do you think renting is good in berlin or is there a risk that we might get screwed by the landlord, or that sort of thing ? thank you soooo much !!

  2. How incredible creature your are!
    At the same time, so eccentric, unique, beautiful and “plain” (natural and yourself)!
    I love your universe and i will become an assiduous reader!

    Otherwise, i never got to Berlin… so i can’t help you! But my next travel will be in Copenhagen and i look forward…

    • oh thank you so much ! how sweet you are :)
      i’m so happy you like my blog and hope to see you back soon ! <3

  3. Okej här kommer restaurang/cafénamedroppen som var för lång för instagram,(alla dessa ställen är antingen helt vegan eller erbjuder bra veganska rätter) Ban ban kitchen, Al andalos, Schiller burger, Two planets, Hamy, Dolores, Monsieur Voung, La mano verde, Goura pakora, Laauma, No58 Speiserei, Goodies, Ponte verde, Roamers, Tung long, Sahara, Azzam, Yellow sunshine, Mo’s falafel, K fetich, Katies blue cat, Silo, Miss saigon, Eismanefaktur, From hanoi with love. Jag äter uppenbarligen ute för ofta… sorry not sorry ;)

    • waaa jeeez jag forstar att du ater ute for ofta med alla dom restaurangerna <3
      stort tack verkligen, jag uppskattar det supermycket !! bor du i berlin forresten ?
      trevlig helg fina maria !!

  4. Hey Jenny! I just found your blog through This Rawsome Vegan Life and – what can I say, I love it! And then I read your moving to Berlin – great decision! I live here for four years now with my boyfriend (from London ;)) and really enjoy it, even though my initial ‘OMG I love this city so much craze’ is over (it did last for quite a while though, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with all that Berlin’s got as well). I’d recommend to look around Neukölln, that’s where we live as well, or places like Kreuzberg or even Mitte, depending on your budget. I like about Neukölln, especially the areas near the ‘Ringbahn’, that you just need a 20 min cycle and you’re outside in nature. As mentioned above, there’s also other busy places like Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg, the latter being the more family type of area, whereas Friedrichshain is the real club district I’d say. The district called Wedding is definitely up and coming this year, but not my personal favourite. You’ll get the best deals there though, as it’s not really gentrified (yet).
    Be careful with the landlords, good question… look at different places to get a feeling for the price and make sure you have all the paperwork ready when you go to a viewing. Applying for a flat first feels a bit like applying for a job here in Berlin, but it works out in the end! ;) I’d recommend to join some Facebook groups, like expat groups and ‘Free your stuff Berlin’ with lots of people who give away their furniture for free or offer free advice.
    Let me know if you need any help, and thanks for your great work <3

    • oh thank you so much anne for this lovely comment and for all the info !
      you’re the sweetest <3
      i'm taking all your advice to heart, and will surely get back to you if a question pops up. thanks again and have a lovely weekend in berlin (jealous!)
      love // j

  5. Hey Jenny,
    There are definitly some streets that are more quiet than others in these districts as in every big city. Maybe stay away from the bigger streets on the map and it will probably be alright :).
    Renting is pretty safe I guess! Germans are really correct and stick to their rules and stuff. As long as you compare prices and check what kind of contract you sign, you should be fine. For example in those areas it is common to have the rent increased every year or so by a certain percentage, which is specified in your contract.
    I am currently moving too, but I can only imagine the amount of planing etc when you move to a different county! Good luck :)!

    • thank you again lovely ! this is so helpful to us, so thank you for taking the time to write it ^_^ lots of love <3

  6. Åh men underbara underbara Berlin. Jag flyttade till Berlin för ca 1 år sedan tillsammans med Ebba Zingmark (tror att ni känner varandra litegrann). Vi har bott i neukölln på tre olika ställen och det är helt klart den bästa delen av staden. Finns många mysiga cafeer restauranger och x-antal barer. Personligen tycker jag att det är finast runt Boddinstraße vilket är nära till både tempelhof och hasenheide (världens bästa parker) sedan är det bara ett stenkast från hermannplatz som är lite utav ett “centrum” med lite butiker osv. Annars är ju kreuzberg också hur nice som helst, speciellt vid maybachufer (kanalen) där en kan gå på turkiska marknaden och köpa 10 avokados för 1€. Uh blev alldeles sentimental nu… Flyttade tillbaka till Sverige för några veckor sedan men saknar mitt lilla Berlin så mycket. Du kommer trivas så bra det är jag övertygad om. Kanske ses någon gång då jag hälsar på Ebba!

    • ah vad roligt att fa en kommentar av dig siri ! ja, ebba har namnt att hon bor med nan som heter siri, sa det ar kul att fa ett ansikte :) superfin blogg du har ocksa !!
      tack som attan for alla tips, det ar jatte vardefullt verkligen. ah avokadoparadiset alltsa :D langtar ! ja absolut, hojta till nar du kommer halsa pa !

  7. Guten Tag Jenny,
    Wie Geht´s? Might as well get started on the German. I, like Anne above, found your blog on Rawsome Vegan and surfice it to say…your blog is great and it´s on my “favourite bar”. As Anne wrote, all the areas she mentioned are good. However, I might add that you might want to find a temporary rental for a few weeks-month and then look around. There are soooo many areas to live in. You can also get an idea how the system works before you sign on the dotted line. We went through Craigslist- Berlin under housing, then sublets. But be very careful as there are scams out there!! on CL asking for money up front. And some apartments that look too good to be true for the price are too good to be true. There are no chic apartments for 400 euros a month in Berlin. Contact several people, set up appointments and then stay at a hotel/AirBnB or friends for a couple of days while you do the interviews and see the people/places in person. By the way, there are some long-term furnished sublets on Craigslist that might give you a chance to live in different areas until you find the area you like best. That´s what we did when first arrived. There are also official furnished apartment rental agencies that have great deals…sometimes. One time we were doing a renovation at home and we needed a one bedroom furnished apartment for a month. We found one through such an agency for about 600 euros a month. Although Berlin rental prices have indeed increased there are still deals out there. In terms of areas: Kreuzberg is hip, funky and still dirty;-) But it has gentrified a whole lot since we arrived eight years ago. The rental prices have gone up a lot there, but that has helped clean up the place. Lots of outdoor cafes and food markets. The age of the people is from young hipsters and students to leftover old folks and kool yuppie families. It used to have more Turkish/Kudish families, but sadly prices have pushed a lot of them out. Apparently the Lebanese mob has not been affected by the rent increase! And Kreuzberg is spread out over a large area. It has beautiful building and parks, as you may well know. Wedding is much cheaper and dirtier, indeed. Lots of cheap fast food restaurants, delicious Turkish food joints and people from the entire Middle East, Africa with plenty of artists thrown in. Its location is good because some of it is next to the Mitte and Prenzberg so prices have been inching up. But there are some projects there as well. Prenzlauerberg is one of my favourites. It has lots of “green” young to old yuppies. Lots of people work in media and film industry in the area. Besides Germans there are many young/old folks from Israel, the US, and Baden-Württemberg etc. etc… but that´s another funny story in itself. (Google Prenzberg and people from Baden-W who have invaded the area.) There are more vegan restaurants/stores and yoga studios in Prenz-berg than anywhere else in Berlin..probably all of Germany. Check out Veganz! But be forewarned… there are little kiddies everywhere and I mean everywhere!!! This is something I totally love, but many people hate it for that reason. I have met single men who actually left the area because they couldn´t take the kids anymore. And young women have left because all the young single men are leaving. I´m joking…a little. It is also very clean….for Berlin i.e. a little too gentrified for some. But because of this the prices can be a little steep. However, once again there are deals out there. Friedrichschein is a mixer of the above three areas: hip, a little vegetarian, cheaper and middle of the way rent prices with clubs and bars and plenty of cafes. Neukölln is the so- called new, cheap, “in” place in Berlin. It is definitely hip and grungey. It has a mixture of people from all the Middle East, especially of Turkish and Arab decent, which gives it an unique spice with their own stores, restaurants, mosques. Many kool young people from around the Western world are setting up shops and domiciles there because rent is still cheap!! Its definitely funky and smoky! Schönenberg around Nollendorf Platz is nice. It has many restaurants, nice “altbau” buildings and is the “gay” area of Berlin. Not many vegan places, yet. Its busy at night with the average age around 35 ish. Another area in Schönenberg not too far from Nollendorf is called “Akazienstr.” Very nice and a little hip but it is just a few streets..i.e. boring after one week. It´s the alternative to Wedding for single, white, middle-class young ladies who find Kreuzberg and Wedding either too hip, pricey or ethnic. The Mitte is very expensive, very hip, kool stores, art galleries but has no freaking trees…huh? And that leads me to the chic areas off the Kudam with lots of trees…. like Oliver and Savigny the neighborhoods of Wilmersdorf, Charlottenburg, respectively. They are very nice but has lots of older people such as myself. This includes anyone from working class poor, government workers, teachers, Professors and writers to rich Germans, Russians, etc. depending on the actual streets. The area is indeed very international, too. The area around Stuttgarter Platz is where lots of people who work in the theatre live, but after 7 pm only a handful of cafes are open…snooze. These areas all have very nice and chic restaurants, cafes, with lots of Asian eateries but night time can be very quiet, except around Savigny Platz, with guys speeding around and around in circles in their Porches and Bentleys. Frau Merkel´s favourite restaurants are in the area off of Kudam, if that says anything. However, there are plenty of Bio Natural health food supermarkets in Wilmersdof and Charlottenburg; and outdoor markets a couple times a week, but the area is a bit tired, especially if you’re under 35 years old. The nicest suburb, which starts at the top of Kudam is Grunewald. Its my other favorite because its only trees and beautiful villas …i.e. very clean and quiet with lakes everywhere; even a large one for “quiet” dogs. Great for bike outing. But nothing Vegan, yet! Pankow is next to Prenz-berg and has trees. But it does´t have lots of restaurants and cafes. However, young people are moving there because it´s next to Prenz-berg and it´cheap. So that means cafes are coming. But it´s a little too East for our taste as there are wannabe Nazi´s living nearby; and they are really pissed off now. No time for that! Another area that´s gaining is Tempelhof. Its next to Kreuzberg but cheaper; and near the Ring Bahn or S-Bahn that goes around the city….but boooooring. Anyhow, wherever you live try to live inside the Ring-train. Its easier to get around with the U-bahns unless you are looking for country-side living. And pretty much of all of Berlin is quiet. Sometimes too quiet. I hope this additional info helps a little. If you have any questions please email me or Anne;-). In the meantime, good luck with your move and your wonderful blog.

    • oh actually we’ve already used your blog a bunch of times hahah !
      thanks for getting in touch :)

      btw, we saw an article today that the anmeldung registration might be possible to do on the phone in berlin from now on ?
      ( our appointment isn’t until april, so that would be great news for us )
      have you heard anything about it ?

      happy thursday !

  8. Hi there! I am also looking for advice where to go looking for a home in Berlin. Me and my boyfriend are moving there in June. I am very excited! Your post have brought many good tips! Thanks a lot! BTW, really great photos! :) Nice eyes!

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