ETC : my birthday weekend

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i turned 30 this saturday. so my boyfriend planned a weekend of celebration just for the two of us. to be honest we were too tired to be doing anything intense – this being our first weekend off this year so far. so the theme for my birthweekend was relaxation.
and oh do i feel relaxed now – this was just what i needed.

also of course i got some presents. i loved my gifts this year – i only got things i really want or need. like my new best friend : the ice crusher (super blender), and beautiful huge new glass jars for my kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and other shenanigans. i also got an ipad mini and apple tv box. i got so surprised and frankly i’m over the moon, now all my tech is in order ! makes life so much easier when working from home.

besides from those gifts from my boy, other gifts i got were more experience oriented. like going to the theatre, dinners, and last but not least – a trip to portland after the summer say what !


on the friday we, among other things, went to a 1st of may rally for the feminist party here in sweden and listened to some speeches. it was quite cold but i looked cute in my fuzzy ZL by ZLISM outfit. then a very relaxed and romantic dinner at home.


on the saturday my boyfriend woke me up with his absolutely fantastic singing and mini sandwiches like every year. later we just walked about the city, going to galleries and i even bought a few gifts for myself. things i’ve been meaning to get for a while and just stumbled upon. check them out for yourself below – i did a good job right ?

in the afternoon we had a drink in a skybar – stockholm looks quite nice from above doesn’t it ?
and later on we had this deliciously fresh raspberry drink and my boyfriend cooked for me again. every night this weekend he was like “do you want to eat out or at home” and i was like cook for me pleeease. so delicious and incredibly romantic. i read him the essays of my new favourite swedish author while he cooked for me all three nights this weekend. having someone else make me dinner is really a treat for me.

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on the sunday we went to a car boot sale and a market by the water. just look at that yummy japanese street food !

and i didn’t buy a single thing. we were looking for a big salad bowl, but didn’t find a perfect one (let me know if you see a nice one) and we don’t want to just get something to get something. it was lovely just the same.

i DID get ice cream however ^^ there’s this ice cream shop on södermalm in stockholm called 18 smaker (18 flavours) that has one of their freezers full of vegan flavours. i got lemon sorbet, and ginger flavoured rice cream. it’s always nice to eat ice cream in the sun, but it was way too sweet for me. of course i ate it all anyway. i got a serious sugar rush let me tell you.

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besides from just walking about and getting lots of kisses from my boy, i also got tons of sleep this weekend. i feel refreshed, very spoiled and happy. this turning 30 has so far proven to be quite brilliant. and it’s not over yet. this year will be the best one yet – i can feel it !

hope you do too.

love // jenny


  1. It’s nice to hear that you have spend a lovely weekend and perfectly celebrated you birthday. I wish you just one thing: Happiness!

  2. I friggin love your pictures! WHAT YOU’RE 30??? You look so much younger to me . Oh and where’s that body brush from?

    • jennymustard

      thank you i’m glad you like my pics :) it’s from granit (a swedish interior design shop)
      happy sunday ! x

  3. wow, (ridiculously belated) happy thirtieth birthday! looks like you had such a nice time.
    also, the coat, bag and bikini are gorgeous! where did you purchase them? x

    • jennymustard

      oh thank you lovely !! better late than never <3
      the cardigan is from monki, and the bag and underwear are from weekday xxx

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