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i haven’t done one of these blog posts in a while, but i know you guys love them. and i actually love writing them too, so there’s really no excuse for not posting one of these more often.

1. flora wiström
let’s start out strong.
there are few things that make me feel more inspired and motivated than hardworking, kick-ass female creatives getting the success and recognition they deserve. women who have picked up a pen ( or a laptop more likely ) or a camera and started writing, speaking, documenting, creating. girls who will speak their mind without waiting for permission. and then hopefully finding themselves with the audience they are worth.

fellow swedish blogger flora wiström is a brilliant example of such a woman. not only does she have an amazing blog, she’s also just published her first ever novel stanna*, which is swedish for stay.


you guys know that i love to write myself, so you betcha i was dying to get my hands on flora’s book. i was really curious about it – to read the novel of another swedish blogger. usually when i read, the author is an anonymous and unimportant figure in the background. quite often long-since dead and from another time and culture. so it felt kind of weird to read a book by someone i already know a bit about from her blog, and also someone who is from my time and place. i normally never read books set in current day sweden. i prefer being transported to some other place or time. but flora writes about falling in love in stockholm, being in your early twenties, loving literature and feminism. not really far away from my own early twenties.


so what did i think of the book ?
honestly, i loved it. it seems like it was written with ease, and a tone that strikes a chord in the stockholmy part of me. i read it quickly, i didn’t want to put it down. both beautiful language, and captivating story. i was surprised to enjoy the read so much, since i’m usually not a big fan of books set in sweden. i’m very impressed !
i’m not sure if there are any plans of translating stanna to any other languages – but if you speak swedish, i highly recommend you grab a copy.

2. rosendahl wooden tray
as you might have seen in my latest kitchen update post, danish brand rosendahl has kindly sponsored us with some lovely new gear to make my life as a food blogger way easier. this wooden tray* is one those things. i love having it next to me in the sofa when i’m writing, with my cup of tea and a few snacks within reach. plus, it’s so super chic, isn’t it?


3. canned mushrooms
this is a weird one, but lately i’ve been obsessing over canned mushrooms. i think it’s a nostalgia thing – when i grew up we always used to have a few cans in the pantry in my home.
there’s just something about the colour, shape, and sliminess of them that i adore. they look almost unreal, right ?
i like getting them whole ( not sliced ), and preserved only in water, salt, and maybe some citric acid or something if need be. i use them in recipes, like pasta sauces, soups, salads and so on. but to be complete honest with you guys, my favourite way of eating them is just as a salty snack. some black pepper and sea salt sprinkled on top, and then just popping them in my mouth. i told you this was a weird one !


4. short story podcast
the new yorker has a podcast called the writer’s voice. basically the invite authors that have their shorty stories published in the magazine to come and read them aloud to us lucky listeners. most of them are around 20-30 minute long, and i think it’s a great way of findin new interesting authors. also, i find it inspiring to listen to short stories, since it’s such a comprimated way of telling a story. it’s a great exercise for any writer to try to be able to both portay a character, create and atmosphere, and tell a story without the filling up 300 pages.
a very lovely way to spend half an hour – i sometimes listen to a story while doing my morning workout !

5. bonus favourite
one of my recipes is featured on the epic website world of vegan – run by the lovely, sweet, and kind michelle !
go check the post out here and be prepared to get stuck browsing around ^.^

hope you liked this little october favourites post. i sure enjoyed writing it !

love // jenny

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  1. I’m definitely going to check out the short story podcast! I really enjoy listening to your Mustard on Movies podcast while I cook, but I’ve already listened to each episode three times, so a new podcast may be just the thing I need!

  2. So funny that so many people love mushrooms, especially canned ones. They’re one of my top 3 most-hated foods, ha ha. I’m fairly picky, but mushrooms really stand out for me as “simply cannot stand them.” Before the explosion in popularity of vegan and veg foods, I would usually find a portobello burger was the only veg choice on a restaurant menu (well, besides pasta primavera). Boo hoo!

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