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it’s friday and today feels like the first day in ages we can slow down a little bit and just relax and work.
i’ve been getting some super nice things sent to me lately, so to start off the weekend i’ve made a list of my current favourites. most of which you can see in these pics btw.

1. my new watch* from squarestreet, i got both a grey and a black strap to change things up !

2. just finished reading the book la chamade by one of my fav authors, francoise sagan. it’s unbelievably beautifully written, you should give it a go !

3. this bright coral / orange lipstick* from make up store. i use it on my lips of course – but also as blush and eye shadow, which will make the whole look all matchy mathcy. take a look here for example.

4. my lovely rings* from bering. can’t get over how nice they look together. kind of heavy and androgynous – my kind of look !

5.  i love this time of the year ! so many lovely fruits and veggies are coming into season, like these pretty peaches for example.

6. obsessing a bit over this sleeveless trenchcoat* from monki. it gives every outfit instant coolness.

7. basil in germany is great. you buy a pot and it will last you for ever, it just keeps on growing ! not like the swedish cousin who just shrivels up and dies after 2 days…

8. me and david both got a iphone case* each from this new really cool brand called organika cases. mine is made from hay and david’s is made from coffee beans. yep, i’m serious. they even smell like hay and coffee actually ! totally stunning stuff.
we’ve been looking for eco-friendly cases since we got our phones a year ago, so we’re super happy.

9. this happy and relaxing playlist will be in my ears all weekend.

10. roasted chickpeas. my favourite snack, i can’t get enough. 2 ingredients : chickpeas and salt.
i could probably eat a kilo a day easily, they’re so yummy. look for them in middle eastern supermarkets !

11. vlogging. we are having so much fun creating our vlog videos ! planning them, shooting, editing – it’s all fun. hope you’re enjoying watching them too ^.^

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that’s it – i’m going to go enjoy these new little favourites now. it’s all about being grateful ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the trench and how you will style it. My favorite is the red raspberries…like little jewels.

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