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if you’re into my youtube channel, but 2 uploads a week just isn’t enough for you – OR if you’re NOT into my channel and want some other suggestions – here are a few of my fav vegan youtubers for you to check out for more ideas and inspiration :

– my friend and inspiration olga manages popular whole foods channel fablunch. you need to check this lovely cook out if you haven’t already – she really is the sweetest ever and so talented ! and her recipes always gives me such great ideas.

– veggie cutie alice esmeralda has amazingly tasty recipes ! her vids are actually in french, but i don’t mind – i love listening to her calming voice even though i don’t understand what’s she’s saying ^^

plantbased judy has beautiful, easy-to-follow vegan recipes, and the most amazing thumbnail pics i’ve seen on youtube ever ! she also vlogs and has q&a vids, with tons of entertaining info.

healthy juliette is another vegan with an eye for beauty. she only has two vids so far, but she also has the most stunning instagram account, so check that out for even more inspo.

– another channel i really want to recommend is green kitchen stories, although they’re actually vegetarian, not vegan. but they’ve got tons of vegan recipes, and their videos are some of the most beautiful recipe videos around ! their stunningly dark, rustic, artful atmosphere is incredibly calming and almost meditative. so go check them out !

let me know if you know of any vegan channels you’d like to recommend ! i’m always looking for new channels to follow ^^

bonus ~ non-food youtubers to check out :

nerdwriter is one of my fav youtubers for sure. his videos are all about educating us fellow internetters on anything he finds interesting, from japanese history, to sexism, to pop culture – all in a incredibly entertaining and stylish way.

– anita sarkeesian from feminist frequency is something as interesting as a popular feminist game critic youtuber ! haven’t watched a lot of her vids cause… well i’m not into gaming. but every time i see / hear / read something she’s done, i love it !

life noggin, another edutainment channel, with science and pop culture vids all made in cute motion graphics. go learn something !

– tony zhou manages film theory channel every frame a painting. his videos are extremely well made and thought-through. if you’re even remotely interested in movies, you’ll love this channel !

– a channel that deserves way more views is marie jacquemin, a playful stop motion artist with videos about her own life and thoughts, accompanied by seriously cute stop motion illustrations.

that’s it guys, go subscribe !

love // jenny



  1. Love the recommendations, I just binge watched Marie’s videos and the quality is superb.
    For plant based food I love The Happy Pear, Nutrition Stripped, Jason Wrobel, FullyRawKristina, Feasting on Fruit, and The Vegan Corner

    For fun I love Threadbanger because they try out all those crazy DIYs you see on Pinterest and plan to eventually do but never actually do. And Boat People Vintage has beautifully crafted style DIYs.

    • jennymustard

      wow thank you soooo much for all the tips !! will check them out for sure :D
      ikr marie deserves way more views !! <3

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jenny! <3 I'll have to check out your recommendations!!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I know you thanks to Alice Esmeralda who speaks about you on her channel.
    I love your recipes and you give me lots of ideas to cook better with healthy ingredients.

    Recently, I found a vegan channel on YouTube, this is “Cherrypepper vivre vegan”. It is in French but the recipes are really great.
    I just wanted to share this with you,

    Please keep doing your videos, it inspires me a lot ! XD

    • jennymustard

      hi alystelle !
      thank you so much for the lovely comment :) i’m so happy you like my recipes and videos, it means a lot !
      oh thank you for the tip, i will check them out !!!

      happy weekend <3

    Tus recetas, vídeos, y calidad de VIDA me motivan a hacer cambios en mi vida culinaria; soy feliz con lo que tengo y realmente creo que para vivir en unas condiciones sanas, se necesita muy poco. El dinero es importante por supuesto, porque estamos en una sociedad que todo se tiene que COMPRAR o PAGAR; pero más de una vez y de dos nosotr@s somos los culpables del strees que llevamos encima, porque se compran cosas innecesarias que llenan nuestro frigorífico y nuestras casas, aumentando nuestra ansiedad y con ello un desgaste de energía mental y con ello física, que podríamos ahorrarnos.
    Desde hace un tiempo, intento comer muchos vegetales, cerales integrales y legumbres además de fruta y algún dulce sano, estoy en ello porque han sido más de 60 años comiendo carne y voy despacio; pero intentando llegar a dejar de lado la proteína animal totalmente.
    Creo que el sufrimiento innecesario de tantos millones de animales que se sacrifican a diario, es mi principal motivo para dejarla de lado, y tambien para contribuir a tener un planeta más limpio, más equitativo y desde luego más sano.Te dejo una dirección de correo por si puede serte útil.

  5. Azahara G G

    I recommend to you one of my favourites Vegan cooking channels: peaceful cuisine
    It’s so beautifully filmed, I think you are gonna love it too!!
    By the way I love your channel and blog, it’s nice and so well filmed, you and David are a beautiful couple, so congratulations guys, BIG ADMIRER HERE xD
    You are teaching me about minimalism aswell.
    Well, beautiful people this is comment is way too long already… Hahaha
    Greetings from Spain!!

  6. Angélique Moseley

    Have you ever checked out the School of Life channel? I already follow a number of the vloggers you recommend here, and I find the SoL counterbalances them very well. Its a mediative, striking and yet calming guide to orienting work and love, and things that might make us more happy or forgiving. Applied philosophy that goes well with a cup of tea — and best followed up by your own more overtly happy posts.

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